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Your loved one is in hospital. They are living at home and there is no carer support in place.

Or, they are in hospital and look likely to need to go into Nursing Home care.

Tell the nursing staff that you are not coping with the care or its unsafe, or both and that you need help. Then ask them to arrange a referral for Fast Track Continuing Healthcare.

They have to offer you an assessment. As we all know there are issues with patients ready for discharge, but who do not have something in place for that to be safe. Then a needed bed is 'blocked'. For this reason the CCG responds very quickly to requests for these assessments.

Find out when the assessment is going to take place and make sure you are there armed with notes about all of the things they need doing both clinically and in terms of everyday care. Its much better to have notes as its often hard not to forget things. I type mine up and hand them a copy. They are always pleased to have it on a plate so to speak.


The lovely PSP Association have done a brilliant job on producing a set of notes to assist professionals assessing PSP/CBD for CHC. I have another review coming up and I will be handing the reviewer a copy of that too. I was quite surprise at how many symptoms I have got used to and missed off my list.

Here it is:

One up from the bottom on the list.

All the best


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  • Ooh Kevin you are an absolute diamond, one in a million in fact!!

    This is how my Dad got chc as was fast tracked in hospital and they knew we had (at that point) no carers at home!! So he was fast tracked and not allowed home until the care agency was ready and in place for his arrival home!

    I will be reading this link later. Thank you darling x

  • Thanks Kevin I have downloaded and printed the PSP document out to help with the second DST assessment :)

  • I sure wish I had a Kevin 1 for American medical to do's.....each one of us is on our own....though I have gotten more help with hospice than anything, I did not feel that it was for us until recently and thus never looked into it....

    Thanks K1 on all who can use your insights and knowledge


  • AVB - You give a lot here - and you are great - we just have different areas of giving.

    And I get back twice as much from you and the other folk here.

    But thanks for your words - they mean a lot to me.

    Great news about the Hospice - each one seems to be different regarding when they offer a service.



  • Very helpful reading, thank you Kevin


  • Thank you Kevin, that is great info, It's hard to get now that hubby is in nursing home but I will look it all up, I've just about given up, but, you folks keep me going..sorry I'm not here much but I so appreciate you all xxx

  • Thanks once again Kevin, great guidance as per usual. The hospice that Ben attends brought up the question of CHC last week and are going to start the ball rolling. Fingers crossed.

    Love Kate xx

  • Good luck!


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