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Untrue and helpful accusations


Just wanted to thank all of you who replied to my post. It really helps to put these thing into perspective when you hear that you are not alone and that the cause is technical i.e. either the illness or the meds rather than personal.

You will be glad to know that by using a combination of your ideas and suggested techniques things have improved and there has been no incidences for a few days now so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Also The District nurse is going to raise it with the Doctor in case there is something that can be / needs to be done with the meds.

Thank you again for your input. This web site is a bit of a life saver at times. It helps so much just to know you are not alone. So glad I found it.

I wish you all the best New Year you can hope for in these trying times.


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Good for you Coldown. You have used a combination of what worked for everyone and have found something that worked for you.....This site is a life saver....so many times I have found answers and support.....And you know what you are? an amazing man. You have gone through this for 12 years...I have only been through it for 4 years (at diagnosis, probably more like 6 or 7) and I have aged 5 years for each yr psp has taken my man....we were both in our early 50s as well...but now I am almost 75- per the new aging process...I want to say more like 80....but whose counting, right?

Continue hanging out with us giving and getting answers....and find a way to take care of you



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