CBD Driving him up the wall.......literally

Hello Everyone,

well the past few weeks dad has been very up and down..some days he wont get out of bed and others his mobility is fairly good.

So today dad seemed fairly alert..we decided to go into town on his mobility scooter, to do some shopping and just get some fresh air.

During our trip my dads space awareness became none exsistent, he was heading straight for a bollard and a vegetable stall...i was calle out to him to let go of the lever that makes it go..it wasn't registering with him and infact he pressed it harder so ive ran too him and tried to steer it out the way but it was an epic failure lol...

i ended up getting trapped between the bollard and scooter with my legs in the air, dads scooter went backwards and was practically doing doughnuts.

The veg store was all over the floor, there was avacados all over us. i managed to get my leg free and turned to see if dad was ok...well he was crying...WITH LAUGHTER!!

He could not stop laughing, which made me laugh..and before we knew it..neither of us could get up due to laughing 😂😂

it was strangely wonderful. we are home now and my ankle is safe from the scooter, FOR NOW lol. But it was so nice to see him laugh like that, and something i will never forget.

Merry christmas to you all..sending my love and blessings



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  • What a wonderful crazy PSP story! Thank you for the giggle.

    Glad you both were OK and that your Dad is going through a good phase. Long may it last. Shame we can't work out what brings these improvements, I buy a lorry load if you find out!

    Lots of love


  • i know heady...they are a rarity with dad but do happen.

    I hope one day we find treatment for psp/cbd.I really do.

    Today was beautiful though,

    we did have fun i treasure every moment


  • Another good memory !!

    I wouldn't let Chris steer anything. It is really like a " carry on " film !!!

    love, Jean x

  • Hahhaha, dad is a determined one..id have no luck telling him he couldn't at the minute.

    Hope you's have a magical christmas


  • sounds like a LMAO moment forever imbedded in your heart.

  • it really was...love him so much. he has always made me laugh

    merry christmas


  • Thank you for the smile! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • xxxxxxxx

    merry christmas

  • I'm so glad your story had a happy ending! I was worried there for a second, seeing disaster loom. Great you were able to laugh. Made me laugh, too! Thanks! May your New Year bring you more unexpected joy. Love, Easterncedar

  • Crikey! Remind me never to go out with your Dad!! I am so glad nobody was hurt and you both had such a good laugh.

    I don't have such a dramatic tale but it is funny! I went to see my husband on Sunday and after kissing him and the usual 'how are you', he leant towards me and said:" have you got any wine"? I repeated what he had said as I wondered if I had misunderstood him. He confirmed what he had said, then said:" I need four bottles, looking very furtive"! He only drinks wine with a meal so I wondered if he wanted to give some of the carers wine for Xmas. No, it seems! So no idea what was going on inside his mind! It made me chuckle the conspraitorial tone he used! Would love to know what it was all about but it made my son laugh too. Haven't told my daughter yet. She could do with a laugh too.

    Had visions of smuggling in his wine! Might actually give him a small bottle for Xmas Day!

    Marie x

  • Lol, That made me giggle..i actually pictured the scene.

    it's moments like tgat i long for because alot of the time dad is very hard to understand and he seems to be very tired alot of the time, when he is on form though. The banter is flying everywhere.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely story. I wish you and your beautiful family a very merry christmas (lots of wine 😉)



  • Rita

    My husband is really hard to understand now. However every so often he says something and it is clear! That was one of those moments.

    Hope you have a good Christmas. A big hug to you and your family.

    Marie x

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