Redundant -Ha!

Forget everything I wrote yesterday- no carer Saturday night, got V all ready for bed ,putting the finishing touches , night bag on catheter and she bypasses !!!! Start all over again -ponder should I call out the out of hours district nurses - no, see if I can get the thing flowing again - success - sorted and so to bed . Sunday morning - bypassed again - sodden nightdress bed etc etc etc - no carer due in until 9.30 . So wash down etc etc get out of nightdress ( struggle for both of us ) gaze forlornly at catheter which promptly starts flowing . Redundant? I must have been joking .So life goes on - hope you all have a peaceful Sunday- I am on catheter watch .

Love to one and all

Georgepa the unredundant

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  • Oh George, this time WILL pass . . . That's not really any comfort. Just do the important stuff and try to have an easy day. Sun shining in the north of country right now and frost is going. Make a drink, breathe deeply and remember to find, even a very small thing to smile at. Ljingles243x

  • You are right it's alovely day so we will take to the highways and byways .

  • Where's the bloody carers Georgepa? What's going on? You must be raging?! I'm so sorry this really is utterly unacceptable!! X

  • Oh how can they leave us without help. I is criminal. This time of year is deadly. Staff off sick or quiting due to burn out. we have had the gambit here too. My new girl injured on her first shift. Has already been off weeks. Hang in there. I am stocking up on my favorite wine. hugs

  • Hi. I agree with Satt2015. Have u opted not to have a carer at various times or are they just not turning up which is a job for the CQC?

  • Our CHC package hasnt kicked in yet so I have been doing some nights myself .Besides which bypasses can occur any time ,last week it was 10 minutes after the carer had left and today two hours before she was due .Sods law!

  • I would call the DN's out if the damn thing bypassing again. Tell them to stop using Amazon and buy some good quality catethers for a change! This shouldn't keep happening.

    Lots of love


  • Absolutely Heady that's what the DN's are there for! That is NOT part of our role!!! No way hosay!! X

  • If it restarts then they wont touch it .Blockages are so regular that I would need a livein DN !

  • To get what is coming out of V you would need something the size of a hosepipe !Talk about thick and gloopy,actually not a good subject for Sunday morning .

  • That's an infection. Get the doctor out first thing tomorrow.

    Lots of love


  • Been there done that had sample tested in lab unfortunately it is not one which responds to antibiotics so no treatment ,good old PSP (sardonic as if you hadn't guessed).

  • What do you mean it's an untreatable infection? What do they want you to do?

  • Life only gets better with it!!!!!!!!

    Lots of love


  • haahha ...Amazon.... that poor jungle... if it's not getting raped by the white man or even it's own drug lords, the name and association thereof is being diminished by the internet's own "Walmart" selling crap having nothing to do with that jungle's fragile importance

    I Vent

  • How long will it take for your package to get started properly, George? We took 4 months to set ours up but I have to say it is working well so far.

  • Starting package agreed with my careers but not yet confirmed by CHC aweek on Monday ,personal budget.......who knows?

  • Alice in Limbo Land ! Thats our world.

    Lots of love, Jean x

  • Here we go again I get to wear the headband ?

    Love Georgepa

  • You always want to dress up, don't you ?

    A headband would look good.

    Love Jean x

  • What's left in life ?

  • What's left? Well, I went for the hot spiced red wine yesterday, perfect for a winter day. I packed the car and drove us up to the place in the hills, got him up the stairs, got the fire going, made lunch and set him in front of the wood stove. He loves being here, although he really can't do much to enjoy it. Anyway, I had a fine time chopping wood in the cold air, a few snowflakes drifting about as the sun sank, sipping my warm cinnamon and gingery wine betimes. The comforts of the present moment.

    The surviving mice are apparently wise to the danger and are avoiding the temptation in the traps. I went to get the rice for our dinner and ended showering myself with basmati, as the bag had been gnawed. Little gymnasts! How do they get into the top cupboard?

    As for the catheters, I guess I'm not doing so badly with the diapers. You are a stalwart hero, George, to keep on as you do. I hope you get some simple pleasures today. Peace, Easterncedar

  • Everything in tupperwear (or Dollar Store wear)...even in my own kitchen....I don't give them much to forage for ....though I must admit they have learned well how not to set off the metal of death while extracting the bate/bait ......In the 20 years I have lived here, this will be my 2d year on the lookout for theses little vermin......I do see the necessity for a cat!


  • Sounds idyllic-I hope you can really enjoy it and benefit from it.The spiced wine sounds good .I have just finished chopping up the last of my apples and am cooking them with ginger to make an apple and ginger crumble .Poor V wont be able to eat it so I will probably have to eat it all myself .

  • Sound delightful...

  • Be a good job when the care kicks in G and relieves you of total responsibility, it's too much for one person to cope with. Are you getting a good redundancy deal, a good chunk of sleep! a bit of time for yourself! Meanwhile dig deep help is on its way.

    Love Kate xx

  • The package that has been put in will mean two carers in the morning instead of one for one hour .One carer each night with me assisting hopefully seven nights .Two blocks of 4 hours me time and two nights sleep ins.So all good I am starting the new regime in a weeks time and will have to pay until the budget is sorted but will bephone reimbursed .

  • Whoa Gp, I just learned that if catheter is clogged it will bypass...all over the freakin' place....I just wrote about mine and B's recent experiences. If you go on youtube you'll find how to flush. The water that you push up the tube will push off any sediment that might have collected around the cath ports in bladder. once opened, the urine can flow down the tube! And if you see bright orange or In our case rusty looking water, it's ok(?)...well tha's wwhat the nurses said ..and that was our experience.....Checked B's bag this morning and happily filled! they have youtube videos on the female anatomy as well....




    Try the flush! and remember if she is peeing at least 30 mls an hour, she's ok!

  • I already use optiflow which is what you squirt up the tube at the neck ,unfortunately the stuff in the tube is so thick it won't go up so I have to empty the little bottle ,decompress it ,insert nozel at the neck and suck the muck out .Unconventional but it kind of works .

  • Yes, keep doing this till it runs clear (says this non-medical unprofessional) I had to do this infact I thought that if I pushed water in I could suck water alot out....well. What worried me is that I could not get more than 40ml out though I had put 30ml in....I kept doing this til water ran clear. B does not have an infection so it only took three times....though the nurses were a little questioning as to why I couldn't get more out but moved on to the 30mls an hour reasoning....I think that I would (and probably some day will) use this method of multiple flushes till clear when won't stop the infection but just get crap off the ports.....

    Is she feeling her lower stomach tight or bloated?

    I'm feeling your angst...keep cooking....or something other than PSP


  • We are now on an open topped catheter much bigger inlet at the top ,that's not blocking it's the tube that is solid ,can't get a drop up it .

  • Egad! Darlin' I didn't even know an open topped cath even existed let alone how to fix it .... It sounds like That Thing needs to be changed out! Do the nurses do that? or can you?

  • No ...a step too far.The top bits fine its the tube thats the problem.Need a bigger tube ....poor V .

  • Thank god we can't see the future !!!


  • Too right!!! :-)

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