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WAV car

Advice again please, my car has been written off, so I am sort of forced into buying a WAV sooner than I anticipated, and don't have much opportunity to shop around as have no car. I have 2 fiat doblo to test drive tomorrow, does anyone have any knowledge? Everyone is saying FIAT stands for Fix It Again Tomorrow, I really need 3 passenger seats +driver+wheelchair? Any advice appreciated

Debbie xxx

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Debbieann as your post came through I was just writing the ad for my WAV which I am selling. Don't know if it is the sort of thing you want but this is the link It is a VW and I have found it very good and very reliable. The various specialist WAV dealers charge a lot for them and I am happy to let it go for less directly to someone who needs it to cut out the middle man's profit. Do get in touch if you want to see it. Not sure where you are but I could bring it if not too far.

Vicki x


Hi Vicki, I will look at link, might be just what I need,

How are you?

Love Debbue


Sorry I don't think that link worked, try

It's the grey VW Caddy in Sevenoaks.



can you get a van ? I'm in the US, so I can't help with you with European cars... I do wish you luck. I have a car with a big trunk, however the chair weighs about about 40 lbs or 18 k. so I wish I had a van!

Good luck AVB


Hi Debbie we have a Fiat Doblo (secondhand from autotrader as we did not qualify for a mobility scheme car as we are over 65) Its ok as far as tin boxes on wheels go .But in all these smaller WAVs you will only get two passenger seats .


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Hi Debbie, mine is a Peoguet Teepee. I can take four passengers, plus S. Not the most sexy car to drive, but it gets from A to B and the electric winch, means loading S is relatively easy. I got it second hand from a Peoguet dealer.

Lots of love


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Hi Debbie bought a 2nd hand Renault Kangoo from

based in North Wales but with UK distribution, will bring a vehicle round for you to test drive anywhere in U.K. according to their info. It is small i.e. Driver and passenger seats in front and a small size passenger seat next to wheelchair space. My 6'2" son can sit in it but finds leg room tight.

Before buying the Renault I test drove the Fiat Danilo and the Purgeot tepee both OK for wheelchair and front seats but rear seat tight.

One thing I suggest you test is the opening of the passenger door, is it wide enough to allow you to transfer you hubby into the car front seat while he still has some mobility. Found the Citroen Belingo though better in many respects to the Kangoo the limited front door opening made it a no-go.

Suggest you check the rear ramp a manual one ok for me but could be inconvenient for you ramp not light and you need to stoop to lift it. A mechanical one could be better.

Best of luck try testing more that one type of car, and try the ramp. Tim

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Well I had a test drive today of the two Diablos, they had 2 rear seats plus room for wheelchair, generally speaking I would only need to get my grandchildren in the little rear seats!! Fred came with me and got in front seat ok,

The ramp was assisted so ok, not made a deffinate

decision yet, it's all so difficult, can only afford to do this once, as like many of you, Fred diagnosed when he was 66! So self funding

Thank you for listening and the advice on the box on wheels!

Something else to sleep on/stay awake thinking about!!

Love Debbie xxx


We have a Citroen Burlingo WAV, 3 seats and a ramp to push the wheelchair up. So as my husband sits behind me.

I would definitely recommend a the car that we have had for probably 18 months now.

It is automatic too which makes it perfect.

Hope this helps


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