Oh well the second hand super sleek stylish Fiat Doblo arrived yesterday, I'd taken F with me to view and test drive, explained all along what we needed to buy, now he says he's not gonna sit in the back in his wheelchair and he didn't know that's why we was buying this car(converted van) and why didn't we just get a car I could put the wheelchair in the boot!!!

Give me strength?

Love Debbie xxx

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  • Sending a hug. Sorry you are dealing with this but I am smiling because it is so typical. Remember, tomorrow is another day.... Maybe he'll like it tomorrow.

  • Well done, F will come round, it may be the higher driving position will give more visibility for him.

    Enjoy the car, Tim

  • Sorry Debbie can't help but laugh!! Our darlings just "don't get it" do they? X

  • I thought S would spend most of the time up front with me and the chair in the back. But it is SOOOOO much easier to wheel them on and off. No trying to get him to bend to be able to sit and then wobble and nearly fall. It is very lonely though, up front on your own. I still natter away, but don't think he can hear me.

    F will get use to it, when the time comes that transferring gets more difficult.

    Lots of love


  • Had a rueful laugh too. So typical !!

    At least he went to see it. When I bought our car Chris had no interest at all.

    No comments or anything. I think it was the only way he could deal with losing this hugely important role he had. I have no interest in cars. Just need reliability. He did it all. So he has abdicated.

    He now always compliments me on my driving !!

    love, Jean x

  • Oh Debbie!

    There isn't enough strength to cope with PSP some days.

    I know I shouldn't smile at this but its Sooo PSP isn't it?



  • Have to agree laughing is first reaction! Can you remove front passenger seat and wheel him closer? That could give a feeling of normal and he gets advantage of higher seat and view. If that works its wins all round! Hugs Jen

  • Wow . I envy you! I would love to have a vehicle that B could get into without falling into or bumping his head.....I have to dismantle his wheelchair every time I put it back in the car.....not hard but kinda heavy and big....

    He'll get used to it and maybe after awhile he'll be a ble to do it on his own...

    Well congrats///

    What color?


  • Hi Debbie, thinking that we need an adapted vehicle now as I often struggle with the manual wheelchair on our hilly surroundings. Having our gravel drive replaced before Christmas to something more suitable. The bank balance is taking a hammering but I keep hoping it will all be worth it.

    Are you finding it easier with the new car and is Fred behaving himself by staying in the chair on his travels? Nightmare eh!

    Big hugs

    Kate xx

  • Hi Kate, not hugely felt the benefit yet as Fred can still transfer, although he does find it much easier to get in the Doblo, but as my car was written off I had to get another car and I was thinking of the future, sure I will be glad I done it in a few months. I only had a small car so got to used to bigger vehicle and gears again as mine was auto.

    Yes Im not very confident at pushing up or down hill

    Lots of love

    Debbie xxx

  • Gears!!!!!! Don't you just love them. I am now nearly six months, back using them. Never know which gear I am in. Oh boy, does it make a noise when I try to put it into reverse on the motorway. Thankfully I have a diesel, they are meant to be a lot more forgiving than petrol. Hopefully yours is too.

    Lots of love


  • No mines petrol, but much to my surprise i feel like I've adjusted quite well to gears!!!! just as well it not diesel, with everything else going on in my head I'd probably put the wrong fuel in

    Lots of love

    Debbie xx

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