Mum had a weird episode last night was confused just for a short while and her eyes rolled to the top of her head, no temperature her oxygen levels are only 79 percent she doesn't sound chesty and she looks ok in herself today, I'm worried because of her low oxygen level, mum does not want any treatment for infections so not rung a dr. Has anybody come across low oxygen levels xx

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  • Sorry to hear this Richmond it's so distressing all round!! I'm afraid I don't know about oxygen levels! Made even more difficult when one is refusing the dr! I've had the emergency dr out today, dad has pain in left side of tummy and traces of blood in his wee!! God help us all!! Hugs darling x

  • Thanks satt, can you hear me screaming HATE PSP !!!! I feel better after letting that out 😀😀 hope your dad ok xxx

  • Bless you!! It so stinks of s**t doesn't it!!!!! X

  • I

    Agree haven't f ome across this b4

    Lol 😖 Jilll

  • I spoke to my husband and he said these symptoms are similar to a seizure, my husband is a Consultant. Please call for any ambulance immediately.

  • am2015 thank you for your reply, it's so difficult because mum has it recorded on her records she does not want any treatment for anything, she also made me and my dad promise we wouldn't. It's so hard though. Xxx

  • I understand that makes it really hard. It may be an idea to take her to minimise any discomfort or pain she may be in. That is all we really want for our loved ones, to go peacefully. It's a very difficult situation.

  • Yes, my wife's O2 would drop in the 80's frequently. Towards the end, her right lung was so infected, you couldn't hear anything due to little air flowing. Even the doctors couldn't hear anything. Once her oxygen stayed under 70, she slipped into a coma. About 36 hours later she passed very peacefully.

    Prayers to you for strength and peace.


  • It's lovely to hear from you ketchupman hope your keeping well, thank you for your reply xx

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