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What a Day

I met with some old friends this morning, that I'd not fallen out with, but sort of lost touch with, but sympathetic friends, so good, also viewed a house, with a sort of extension that was designed for a disabled person, that really was worth thinking about. I was feeling in a fairly good place, on my way home, some a***ole pulled out in front of me, my car is a right off, my ribs hurt, I didn't know where to turn, but I wouldn't let anyone call ambulance, I was worried about getting home to F, i don't know how I'm going to cope with this on top of everything else! How much more s**t can I cope with


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I am so sorry. What a nightmare for you. It is so hard when you have to do everything already and then something like this happens. It sounds like you had a good day up till then. Hope you can get the car sorted.


Oh Debbie you should really get checked out, is there no one that can sit with F while you get yourself sorted? You won't be no good to F being in pain, and you might make it worse. Helping F to get about. Look after yourself xxxx Yvonne xxxx


Practical points first. Do you carry a Carers emergency card? Stating that you are a Carer to someone that needs attending to. I got mine from Social Services. The police, or whoever, contact them and can get someone to F, straight away.

Get yourself checked out ASAP. The last thing you need, is to collapse from a minor injury you are ignoring.

Forget the UN, (see my last post), we will all gang up together and find this "sweet creature" and sort them out for you!!!

Have you contacted Social Services yet?They do offer emergency help, for times like this. Even at the weekend, so if you really can't cope, get on the phone. Also, this is when family members have to step up to the plate, get one of your son in laws to sort out the car. This is something they can do for you and quite easily. Most people don't help because they are frightened of the toilet issues, but dealing with cars, any man can do that.

Debbie, my arms are around you, giving you the biggest cuddle ever. As to how much more s##t you can cope with? Well this could have been sooooo much worse, then what sort of pickle would you be in? No consolation, I know

Lots of love



Agree with Heady you need to get cover from emergency Social Services while you are checked out and also they may be able to sort out transport while you sort out insurance and finding new car.

Virtual hugs best wishes Tim

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Sending good wishes and a big hug. X


Chin up , my dad would say "it's only metal but you are precious" . You WILL get through it ...explain to ins company how desperately you need it , I did that once when my sister was dying and they pulled out all the stops. Hope it's all sorted more than soon X

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Sending you a big hug



Oh baby , I just saw the picture of your car!....You get some rest and call your dr to take a look at you....

((gentle hugs))


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