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what a day!!!

steve has been in hospital since 17th december2011, today i ve been told by the doctor that there is nothing else they can do for steve and will be sending him back to our local hospital for o t services to sort out for steve to come home and for me to keep him comfortable when he was diagnosed they sent him to papworth hospital as he has irregulier breathing and a very high level of carbon dioxide they have not been able to clear it they were then to send him to danesbury centre wgc to assess him but today they say there is no point assessing him they asked me if i understood everything all i want to do now is to get him home and spend the rest of the time with him its devastating.

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hi Lynn

i renember rhtat you and steve have not been married very long

i am so osrry that the doctor s say they cannot do anythign for steve

plz do not give up on him yet

and plz keep on the site

lov ejill


hi ejill

so sorry to hear your news. sadly my mum died Dec 21st, she had been in hospital and there was nothing else they coul do so we brouht her home. I promised her that I would not let her die in hospita. She had 3 days with us and I was with her all the while. This brings me a lot of comfort ejill, just the fact that she was in her own surroundings and with the people she loved most.

my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. xx



I'so sorry to hear your devastating news. I hope you are able to get as much help as possible to assist you and Steve when he comes home. I'm sure he will appreciate being in his own surroundings.

Thinking of you both.

With love.

Peter2 (Mary)


Sorry to hear the news. I hope that the OT's are able to work quickly so that you can take Steve home.

Thinking of you and praying for you



So sorry to hear your news. Do you have a hospice in your local area? Many of them offer an "outreach" service to support people being cared for in their own home in the latter stages of life. I would suggest you ask for a referral to the palliative care team in the hospital or contact Steve's GP to see if anything is available in your area.

You are both in my thoughts

Take care

Love and hugs

Kathy xox


yes thanks i will look into this xx


I am so sorry to hear about Steve. I hope the OT's can sort something out for him and you so can spend this time with him in the place he would want to be. My thoughts are with you both

Lesley x


thankyou all for your comments yes we are awaiting a bed in stevenage he is still in papworth its now 6 weeks tomorrow since he has been in hospital he looks such a scared person when the pc nurses come to talk to us he finds an excuse to get of the bed and leave us although he doesnt ask questions he can hear what we are saying it will be best for him to get back to a normal life in his own four walls xxx


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