shoulder and back pain

Anyone else out there with CBD that has severe shoulder pain? What kind of meds do you take for this? Nothing seems to work and impossible to keep working much longer with this constant pain. Also suffering from dizziness and high blood pressure. I'd like to hear from others with CBD especially please. I am only 55 and take Parkinson's meds with little relief.

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  • Dear Essie, have you been seen by a physical therapist at all? I've had good results from PT for myself. My guy got a bit of relief from a round of chiropractic treatment some time ago when a pinched nerve was causing pain in one arm, for what that is worth. I fell and tore my rotator cuff three years ago, and it was excruciating. Other than PT, the only thing that helped was ice, but that was better than any of the pills. Then the surgery put things back together, but it was ice that got me through the recovery. I hope you are getting some real medical advice and will let us know how you get on in any case. Hang on, ec

  • Hey Essie, My husband has PSP and does not suffer from any pain as you do. I do wonder if acupuncture might be a method of pain control....I do pray you find a method of relief .


  • A physiotherapist is your best bet. Simply exercises really helped my mum. She was hesitant at first only wanted pain killers, but after a couple of weeks began to see the difference. She still does the exercises now even though there is no pain but to ensure it doesn't come back. The muscles become stiff very easily, so best to keep movement up. In the short term definitely worth having pain killers, as exercising in pain is awful. So relieve the pain initially and start the physio, then slowly reduce the dependency on pain relief.

  • My dad has pain patches prescribed by the hospice as otherwise he complains of neck and shoulder pain! X

  • My hubby has CBD and is now in advanced stages poor thing.He had alot of shoulder pain at one time but its now gone.He had Butrans patches which were good.Ask the GP.D is 59 and was diagnosed 3 years ago after 3 years mis diagnosis. The parkinsons meds did nothing so soon stopped them.

  • It amazes me how much over-medication they try to give you. If of the meds don't work then just don't take them. I have had PSP for three years now ( probably longer because of mis-diagnosis) and don't take any parkinson's meds

    Thankfully at the moment the progression is small .

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