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Can any offer experience of what eases the pain in contracted alien hand. Mum's hand has been slowly getting worse and being bent more by her CBD. Just recently she has been saying more and more it is painful. She is really sensitive to meds, only weighs 33kgs. Anyone use a rub in gel or anything. Also what pain meds are people using. Mum us getting more aches in muscles and joints and nerve pains. I think she had had these for quite a while but now can't ignore the pain any longer.

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  • We use Deep Heat cream on my husband's painful arm. Don't know if it really does much good but he likes it and finds it soothing. He also takes soluble paracetamol on a regular basis for the pain. Muscles are very tense and contracted in arms, legs and neck now. We also try relaxation techniques and gentle massage to try to release the tension.


  • Thanks for your experience. Mum takes Calpol 6+ as hates the soluble paracetamol taste. Deep heat sounds a good idea. We do try meditation too but Mum can't concentrate for long now to do it but used to in the past.

  • good 4 u for using deep heat---- i use something similar -- on scrip ---fenbid gel like voltarol it helps my knees an d ankles a lot - for about 1 hr/ anyway

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    psp person in uk


  • Yes the effect doesn't last long does it but I'm glad you've found something that gives you a bit of relief.

  • Hiya, Mum's consultant prescribed gabapentin it's used for nerve pain. It really helps, also helps her to sleep a bit better too. It does have a frightening list of side effects but amazingly Mum was fine, you build it up daily one tablet at a time, she's now on 3 tabs twice a day. Also tried botox but unfortunately it didn't do anything at all in fact I think it hastened the contracture further up in the elbow but I know lots of people have a good response to it. Sadly Mum's other hand is now really bad too she's down to just 2 working fingers which she uses for her nicorette, don't know what I'll do when they stop working!

  • Oh gosh sorry to hear her other hand is now being affected. It is so unfair these illnesses. We actually are seeing the parkinsons nurse today, first appointment following her CBD diagnosis so I have a long list of issues to ask about.

  • Is it dyskinesia . Is she on any medication ....

  • I don't know what that is or pronounce it. No she is on minimal medication and only paracetamol for pain. They have said they won't give any medication as they feel it won't be of any benefit but to talk to GP re pain relief.

  • Acupuncture, massage therapy; chiropractic? that's all I got

    Good luck


  • Hi, Mum found either the red tiger balm or a product called Wong-To-Yick (woodlock oil) to be most helpful

  • I had forgotten about Tiger balm. She used to use that years ago for other stuff. Thanks

  • no problem. don't get the cheap version from the pound shops though as its just not the same. The woodlock oil I mentioned is stronger and lasts far longer, it is also great for breathing as it really opens the nostrils up :-)

    I use the woodlock oil for all aches and pains

    good luck and I hope it helps her

  • Will look the oil up. Many thanks x

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