Seen red today!

This morning I had to ask one of the carers to leave... Was rather short with her but she basically does bugger all when here anywa and alwsys turns up late to leave other carer to do hard work of moving and handling.

This morning she turned up late as usual and came in coughing and spluttering. I said are you ill and she said yes my chest is bad. I said don't go any further and keep away from us. She thought I was joking...I made it clear I wasn't joking and for her to go. I helped other carer. They know Mum has a cold this week as it is. Sent in yet another email to office with my concerns and I'm rather shocked she thought it OK to turn up at clients houses in the state she was. The agency is so short staffed they don't seem to care.

This particular carer works in the office too so you would think would know better but I am aware she has told other carers not to make it obvious if they are ill when she is on call.

Now I'm sat here feeling bad for being short with her!

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  • Don't feel bad you are only looking after your mums best interest, they should not come if they are ill, isn't it a matter of them thinking that, our son had a bad cold last week and he would not come around because of it. I also think that all these care workers should have a flu injection!!!!!! They don't though. Don't feel bad, you have enough to deal with. Sending you a hug xxxxx

  • A friend was going to come see Mum this week but her babies were ill so she asked before coming if she should or not. I declined her too unfortunately as Mum was really looking forward to seeing her but least she had the consideration to ask before coming.

  • You should not feel bad you did the right thing. PSP increases susceptibility to chest problems a coughing spluttering carer is dangerous even if she wears a mask. Warn the company about Carers with colds or chest infection being non acceptable if you are on any medical support ensure funder (NHS if in U.K.) is aware so they can also inform the company.

    Best wishes and good luck Tim

  • Thanks I will wait to see what reply I get, none as yet.

  • Agree wit,H U and aY

    Loll jiil


  • DONT feel bad spiral!!!! What in gods name are these people doing turning up when feeling like that, freely spreading their germs?!!!! It's an absolute disgrace and absolutely nothing n I mean nothing for you to feel bad about!! The carer is the one that should be feeling bad!! It is totally unfair to visit sick and terminally ill people if you have any kind of bug! So I say well done telling her to bugger off with her bug!!!!! ❤️👏👏👏👏👏

  • Ha ha that made me laugh. Bugger off with your bug! They have taken her off rota for weekend but I didnt get an apology.will see what she says when she is next here

  • Bless you darling pleased it made you laugh!! Lol, apologies I think not.....that's just expecting tooooo much lol x

  • How dare they....If it isn't for you , then Who? People either don't care or don't consider the consequences of things like a small cold....nothing is small when you have a chronic illness!

    Do not feel bad for taking care of your mum.


  • Thank you. You would hope carers might actual think about germs more than the average man on the street.

  • Spiral i think I've I might have asked before, but can't you change agencies? X

  • I'm hanging in with these for now as they are one of better ones in area. I've had meeting with manager other week so they are listening to me now more than were. Some of the carers are brilliant and Mum really likes them. Will just see how it goes. I'm looking at trying to get a PA to take on some of calls and work with them. They dont know that yet though!

  • Ok good stuff!!! Keep fighting x

  • Please don't feel bad, they are supposed to be helping you and your Mum, not spreading unwanted germs everywhere!

    I think you did exactly the right thing there, me being the 'stroppy cow" that I've turned into, I don't suffer fools gladly these days and if I think something isn't right I say so without hesitation!

    Well done you!

    Love....Pat xx

  • Thanks Pat. It really isn't me to be like that at all. I'm learning though to speak up more and not be walked over in life. Something really did click in me today though & I went off

  • It's better off feeling bad because you hurt her feelings, than being ill with her cough. It's not her that will be getting up all hours trying to cope with your Mum, feeling grotty, or worse, trying to look after a PSP patient who has a cough, because we all know where that ends up, on the chest and then probably hospital.

    I know these agencies are up against it, with their staff, but it should be a sackable offence to knowingly go into somebody's house with an illness.

    Lots of love


  • Yes and Mum ended up in hospital in March from a miled chest that turned into sepsis. Her biggest fear is ending up back in there as it was absolutely awful she came out in a right state as they messed up her treatment in there. . Thanks for taking time to comment x

  • I would have done the same and have asked friends not to come in when they have turned up with a cold. You did the right thing.


  • Thanks. I know it was right and no longer feeling bad with myself for being short with her.

  • Of course you're right. You're the one who is responsible and if they are careless they need to know. If Chris has a cold or tummy upset I don't send him to the hospice. Its the same thing. Basic really .

    love, Jean x

  • Yes same here Mum doesn't got to hospice if she has germs.


  • Well, I say well done, Spiralsparkle,she she have known better.

    P.s.what a lovely name you use,...........Spiralsparkle........I just like saying it!


  • Thanks I combined two things I love spirals and Sparkles. She should know better but have found out she went to all her other calls afterwards. 😈

  • Nooooooooo!! Surely not!!!!! I'd be ringing chc n making official complaint!! My God so stupid n putting all her clients in danger, sorry but what a stupid bitch she must be!! X

  • She is and one of Mums least favourites. She is a liability as not fit enough herself to be working due to arthritis. All the other carers complain she does bugger all as cant. The social worker is phoning next week for a catch up so I am going to mention it to here.

  • Yes mention away! 😆

  • You did the right thing, well done. xx

  • Thank you. I do feel quite self empowered for speaking out and telling her to go.

  • Thanks for saying that 😁

  • Nothing to feel bad about at all. Been there and done that. The agency needs to understand that we are putting the health of our loved ones first. If they don't get it then move on. We are terrified that Mum will get pneumonia and anyone that is sick is quarantined off, literally!!! Hang in there and stand your corner.

  • Yes it is so scary that they could end up fatally ill from a simple cold germ exposure. X

  • Spiralsparkle

    Don't feel bad. She should know better than to come into your home ill. Very inconsiderate of her. You did the right thing and we are the voice for our loved ones. Way to go!


  • Thanks for positive feedback


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