Yesterday I visited Buckingham palace to see state rooms and all the queen's beautiful gowns and day dresses. My friend's husband sat with my hubby, they've been friends forever, emptied his leg bag, did smoothies, helped him to bed to rest and other myriad little things. Wonderful fun day with sister and friend.

Today my husband is at st lukes hospice day centre for 5 hours. Gives me a chance to go to a macmillan coffee morning hosted by my friend's adult children in her memory. She died earlier this year. She was a parkinsons nurse. Them I'm off out forsome stress free retail therapy.

To top it all I've just had a letter from the bowel cancer screening people to say that my poo" sample, only for the over 60s in the UK, was clear. Yippee. Credit card get ready for a battering

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  • Have a lovely day enjoy your credit card 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • How lovely to have a friend sit with your husband.

    I always wish one of our friends would volunteer to sit with my husband at times. Everyone always says '' we are here for you''. How easy that is to say, without actually doing anything! I don't want to ask , I would be over the moon though if someone came forward............Oh well!


  • True Den true!! That actually get right on my nerves (that's me being polite), we're here for you, what? When? Never!! Don't say things if you can't follow through!! X

  • We're here for you or just ring, I'm only on the other end of the phone, 'what help is that' !!

    Gets on my wick! (Polite version)


  • Why Oh why, are we the ones apologising? polite version? Why can't WE EVER say what we want to? Isn't it us and our loved ones that are suffering? So why do WE have to be polite?????

    Lots of love


  • Aww bless you duffers!!! A jolly pleasant read n thx you for sharing!! Hope that credit card gets a jolly good battening!!! X

  • Well I don't have to tell you to have a wonderful time....It's more like Here, let me get out of your way cuz it sounds like youre about to have one heck of a ride!!!

    Have FUN!!!!


  • Thank you all. I did my best to spend spend spend but I've got so many humps and bumps everyplace it was hard to get anything to fit properly, though I did manage 2 tops yeah

    On a separate note the hospice did well with ger today. Physio to help transfers to and from sitting, a hand massage and manicure. Plus I got a new cup for him when drinking tea or water. Hope it helps the mess. Take care all you wonderful carers

  • Oh Duffers, I'm so pleased you had a great day. Here's to many many more.


  • Thanks NannaB. I hope so too.

  • Glad you're enjoying some " me time ".

    We have been lucky in that two friends, one male, one female, insisted on caring for him whilst I went out. It is real friendship and I value it.


  • It's at times like this that you find out who your real friends are, male and female. Great you managed your own "me time"

  • Long may the (reasonably) good times keep rolling.


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