I finally had a visit from our OT and a student. I have also been wanting g some one to show me a hygiene sling as I can not get his pants up and down with the universal sling. They of course did not have one to bring and try. Next Wednesday we will be going to the OT department for an acessent for seating. We are trying to get a tilt in space wheelchair . An appointment is being booked with a medical supply Co. To try out several chairs and a hygiene sling. I have made it very cleat that I want a demonstration on getting his puts off with the sling on. They are very hesitant to recommend these things because they are afraid of injury. I have Googled and like many of you have said there ia all kinds of all colds as to how great these ceiling hoists are. They show how to use various slings and procedures but not one shows how to get off a pair of pants with the sling on. They suggested bottomless pants or going without pants. My husband had a fit about that. We will see what the sales rep brings and if they can coordinate a visit with her and OT before the end of the year.

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  • What are these people afraid of, seeing someone without their knickers on. Shock! Horror! How are we meant to use things contraptions, if they won't show us how to use them, in our situation? Of course people wear pants, so we need to be shown how to get them off, with the slings. If they are not designed for that in mind, then there is a serious fault and not fit for purpose!!!

    Lots of love


  • Good luck darling...I've got nothing more than support to give you What a bout sweat pants and or sport pants that have snaps up the sides???


  • Tried those already.Ron wears track pants. I have cancer in my spine. My neck is sore from lifting him off the toilet and holding him up while taking pants off to change his pads and briefs. I am going to get this figured out If I have to involve everybody in the system. There has to be something that works. If there is not than someone needs to make something that does. Many more people are staying and being cared for at home. This needs a solution.

  • Cancer in you r spine?????oh dear, sounds like you need a nurse to do the heavy lifting

  • This system does need some definite tweeking....It takes people experiencing it to get things done...sad but true...

  • I made pants with Velcro strips and I did find pants with snaps. Hope that help . Is this Alberta Canada

    Dee in BC

  • We can get those here. Can get those off while he is in a sling and ceiling hoist?

  • Really there is only one foolproof way and that is sling to bed ,remove pants ,rearrange toileting sling ,back to commode,pantless .Then it is reverse order It takes a long time.But I challege anyone using a ceiling hoist to remove trousers and pants while suspended in a sling.You just cannot get them down far enough .

  • Oh Georgepa, I'd fail the challenge. I'm sorry to say C is pant less when he is home now but always covered by a sheet or fleece so no one would know.


  • That may be my solution....I'll file that one too!

  • I am filing this post for future use.....When you say it like that, and you always say it so well, I can not imagine any other way than yours....My kids don't even realise what is to befall me .....B is still toileting hinself etc...They think he is going to die any these sagas we have miles to go before he sleeps....

    just got a new wheelchair that I knew was going to be so much's about 2.2x38lbs=83.6Kg! the other one is about 30lbs or I see , everything only gets more difficult...Must keep a joyful heart....and keep certain posts on file!


  • Hi Noella21, if you do get a sling that allows removal of trousers, please let us know the make. I've seen the videos as well. They show how easy it is to get someone from a chair to a toilet but sitting there with trousers on. What good is that. I'm afraid my husband doesn't wear anything on his bottom half when at home now but is always covered with a sheet and wears socks and slippers so no one would know. The only way I can put pants on him is to do it in bed. If we are going out he is hoisted onto the commode/shower chair and showered. He is then put back to bed and I struggle to get his pants on when he is lying down. He can't help by lifting his legs or body so I have to keep rolling him. Then I do the same with his trousers, then the sling has to go on him again, rolling him and then I hoist him into his wheelchair. It's exhausting but worth the effort once we are out.

    When we get home I reverse the operation, make a cup of tea and fall asleep!


  • That is what I do too. My husband idiots he wants his pants on all day. We go out most days. Yes it is so exhausting. Our OT did say she heard of a lift commode we are looking into that as well. This won't help much if one can not stand long enough to get some one to pull your pants down but could be of great help to many who can stand. It may help for a while for us but long term we need to figure out something else out.

  • OH my poor carer-mates.....

  • It seems crazy that no-one has sorted this. Just shows how people who design these things don't actually use them.


  • So true!

  • Hi Noella and all

    Thanks for this very helpful thread.

    This forum is such an education!




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