Ben is home after 12 weeks in hospital. The fun begins

Ben eventually discharged yesterday yand I had the first carer in today, a lovely Spanish lady who's father has PSP. Unfortunately she won't be the regular as we aren't having regular times at the moment. Th only slot they have available on a regular basis is 11am and so are fitting us in when there are cancellations to get an earlier visit. Not having the night visit as all on offer is 7pm so will manage myself until better time available. Had to take up the offer to get Ben out and once in the system have more chance to change visit times. Couldn't sleep last night as all sorts going through my head, builders still in, phone calls to make, Ben to care for, household duties etc etc. Sure it will all come together in the end but feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the mo.

Love to all of you lovely people out there.

Kate xxx

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  • Such good news!

    The agency is obliged to provide appropriate care (See CQC Standards) If they say all on offer then mutter at them about standards... We did this and magically a suitable time appeared over night.

    Either which way pin them down a bit. My experience with two different agencies is that I got many nice words, even how they were recruiting more... Nothing happened until I got rather firm on the issue.

    Great news though



  • I genuinely think there is no other option, a friend works for this agency and it has a good reputation, she said they are massively oversubscribed and think I got in there because of my friend. They are going to try to accomadate us asap and said once on their books we will get priority times when they become available. Fingers crossed sooner rather than later.

    Kate xx

  • I think all agencies are over subscribed these days as demand so high and it is a business for them. Hope you manage to get times you want.

  • You are provably right.

    And you do have some care in the meantime.



  • Wow Kb, we could've chatted as I was not sleeping either!...I hope Ben is getting back into his digs ok ....Even though you don't have a set schedule , could you not call the agency that you really like d the Spanish lady and with her history with PsP you would feel more comfortable etc, etc?

    Well good luck to you and remember it's ok to sweep....But NO ironing......(it's from several other posts...where ya'll are still doing that as one of your chores.... I really thought that went out hen womens-lib came in! hahaha)

    have a slow and easy day one thing at a time....


  • Unfortunately this lovely lady doesn't usually work in our area so unlikely she will be permanent. Shame as I think because of her dad she would have liked to care for Ben.

    Never mind

    Love Kate xxx

  • Well be hopeful for another like her you a hug of support!



  • Home at last, that's brilliant news. I hope you soon get back into the swing and don't find bedtime too difficult on your own. 7 pm is definitely the wrong time....we'd miss The Archers!

    Take care Kate.


  • Ben has really got into The Archers since being in hospital, he always teased me when I listened to it. Strange first day as Ben not feeling too good today, hope nothing brewing.

    Love Kate xx

  • Katie, had been wondering how you and Ben were, what a long time in hospital! Glad he's home, PSP bad enough to cope with alone, broken hip as well it's a huge hurdle. I'm sure once he's got your loving care you'll see an improvement in him, even just to be back at home must be a huge relief for him, nobody likes long stays in hospital, but must be soooo much worse for PSP sufferer. Good luck to you both, love Debbie xx

  • Thanks Debbie, been a tough day as have been running around after Ben as he isn't feeling too good. Haven't found a place for everything downstairs yet, so chasing my tail. Sure it will all be sorted when the builders have vacated, fingers crossed. How's things at yours, gets more difficult doesn't it!

    Kate xxx

  • Katie glad Ben is home, hope all your building works finish on time, hope you find careers to come in a help you with bed time, do as Kevin said and see if you get any joy from the company, 7 o'clock is much to early, they come in to put George to bed at 7.30 which is quite early, but he is ready for bed by then. Katie sending you a big hug Yvonne xxxxx

  • Kate, sending huge hug to you both. This is going to be a very large learning curve for you both, give each other time to get into a routine. And Kate, remember to keep breathing once in a while!!!

    Lots of love


  • So glad he is back. There is no place like home. Heady is right . It is a huge learning curve to adapt to many things. It also takes a while for your agency to get to know you both and together you have to figure out what works. Hugs

  • Good news, Kate. Hope it all settles quickly into a manageable routine.

    Love and a hug,

    Jean x

  • Katie, we all do have to multitask and take on so many roles and it is overwhelming at times. I find when I make a list before bed I can let go of the noise in my head and get some sleep.

    Please make time to take care of yourself as well!

    Wishing you Sleep, productivity, and calmness!

    X Jayne

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