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A funding route for those refused Continuing Health Care and who are in a Residential Care Unit

Sorry another U.K. only post.

I feel I am spamming the board these days... I should not be allowed near a mouse!

But this might just be useful for someone.

For those without continuing Health Care who are paying 'Residential Care' Fees.

I am unsure how this might apply to those in Nursing Homes.

What is NHS-funded nursing care

Anyone got experience of this?

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I am awaiting the result of chc application (2nd time) but till I know about how we went on (6 weeks ago now) we have nursing care funding. This pays for £112 a week I think for the nursing care. We pay £200 a week then the rest approx. £450 is paid for by Kirklees. It is a lower level of payment than chc and was offered to us immediately Steve went into the care home. Fingers crossed we get the chc as this will make a difference to my finances as I still have to live myself and pay my bills.


Good luck with the CHC!

We couldn't manage without it.


Oh, and thanks for coming back... :)


Hi Kevin. That's a curious one. I am assuming it covers a situation where someone is in a residential home and becomes ill but does not want or cannot move to a nursing home. F is in a nursing home which as you know has to have a nurse on duty. He has CHC and the rate paid is about £650 per week. I don't pay anything. If I was self funding my rate would be £830 per week. Ouch.

Why is it so complicated and almost always shrouded in mystery. It's like the saying " preserve the priesthood" the less "Joe public" knows, the better. I am not aware of a simple 1 page go_to for all the benefits/help a person could have. We seem to have to know what we are looking for before we find it. That's why this forum is so valuable.

F has CHC but I have to do it all again for him to come home. I think, and that really is a don't really know, that the decision is imminent. 6 weeks to decide on whether they will fund a shower chair, bed, comfy curtain chair, slings and slide sheets and 3 carers 4x a day. That's when he's bed bound, doubly incontinent requires assisted feeding and is cognitively impaired. It must be rocket science!!!

Sorry I digressed a little. It's sooooo frustrating. And that's before I get started on the VAT relief.


Yes, the benefits system grew up piecemeal... Governments keep talking about bringing it all together. It is a quagmire!

I really don't know where this funded Nurses came from. Nursing is health care, health care is free at the point of delivery.

I fear it might be something they will slip CHC across to... just a fear.

No, its not rocket science!

Good luck... it is frustrating VAT? Don't go there ;)




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