I should have known something would happen since things were going well. He fell Sunday evening and broke his hip. Surgery scheduled for Thursday since he is on blood thinners for his heart along with his other heart issues, they are waiting for his level to go up or down or whatever. I am praying everything goes well. He will have to go into rehab for a while. To boot we have a contract on the house and they were supposed to do an inspection today which I cancelled. They are going to have to wait until he is settled. Headache from hell :(

Audrey (aka Auddonz)

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  • Oh Audrey, how awful! As if moving weren't stressful in the best of circumstances. Where are you moving to? I hope your husband has an easy time in surgery and his being in rehab lets you get some rest!! Hugs, girlfriend, and I'll be thinking of you. Ec

  • Ec, cancelled the move. The only thing I care about is him getting through the surgery in one piece with all of his other issues. Thankful the people are letting me out of the contract. TY for the hugs girlfriend.


  • Praying for you to have peace in your life during all of the commotion.

  • Thank you mthteach.

  • Awe Audrey

    Nightmare from hell!

    I'm so sorry, for you and your poor hubby!

    Another horrid stage to get through!

    And you have a move planned too? Wow! Way tooooo much to deal with I'd imagine?!

    Sending you both lots of love and strength


  • Cancelled the move, he is the only thing I care about. Yes nightmare from hell. Satt2015.

    Audrey X

  • Is he trying to copy my husband. Ben broke his hip a month ago, has just been transferred to rehab hospital from main hospital. He is progressing but it's going to be a while in his case. Just trying to hurry wet room installation, hoping it was completed for when he comes home, not sure how long that will be. Hope the op goes well and hat he makes a steady recovery.

    Love Kate xx

  • Kate, just worried about him getting through the surgery alive. He has so many issues besides PSP. They are supposed to operate tomorrow but even that is iffy since he has been on blood thinners for his heart. I am sorry didn't know about Ben.

    Audrey, Love back xoxo

  • I'm thinking of you, what a worrying time. Have they had to stop the blood thinning med until after op, is he having general or local anesthetic, Ben just had local and didn't feel a thing in fact he fell asleep during the whole op, amazing! I'm crossing everything for you both that surgery goes well and he makes a speedy recovery.

    Much love

    Kate xx

  • Katiebow, Yes they stopped the blood thinning med before they would operate. They gave gave to types of anesthetic. A block in his hip and leg and general. Because of heart issues they tried to give him as little as possible. He is in no pain. Amazing, he doesn't remember a thing.

    Much love back,


  • Hi Audrey, terrible news hope he gets better and your move goes well. You will need a word to the anaesthetist and surgeon to ensure they are aware of PSP and its issue for patient recovery and increased disorientation.

    Good luck Tim

  • Smart!

  • TY Tim, they are aware of all of his issues, including his heart.


  • Dear Audrey,

    Your first sentence says it all. Just when we feel like we are getting a break, something happens. But this sounds pretty awful.

    Prayers for you. Please keep us informed.


  • Will try Cuttercat.


  • Oh Audrey why everything at once? Well Maybe you can get some things done while he's in hospital and rehab....? I don't mean to be cold and opportunistic but you've got to grab the minutes where they are.....


    I do hope he comes through this healed and not ailing

  • abirke, I am just praying he makes it through the surgery.


  • I too am praying that he has a safe and successful surgery

    And I pray for your continued strength,Audrey


  • abirke, Appreciate that, my strength is going :(


  • When is surgery?

  • abirke, Surgery was yesterday, Thursday evening and thank goodness everything went smoothly. Will go to rehab either tomorrow or Sunday. They won't let him eat since he failed the swallow test. He keeps on calling me because he is starving, guess that's a good sign. So I am staying home since he said when you come please bring me food. I feel so sorry for him. I am trying to rest which I need badly.


  • Oh praise the Lord his surgery went well....It is good that he is hungry....what is his take on the PEG? You may have already told me sorry...but do you think he might get a PEG to help him "eat"? Keep resting while you can!

  • abirke, Set back, he is now restrained in the bed because he tried to pull out his IV and hasn't a clue of where he is. They tell me it is common in senior patients and as soon he can answer questions they will take him off of the restraints. I am praying they will ASAP.

  • Oh Audrey, do you remember when senioritis was that excited feeling you got before graduation from High school, and/or college? Everything was new and you couldn't wait to take on the world!?

    Now Senioritis is that same old feeling you get when it's about to rain; and The greatest thing you took away from this world is to never trust a fart! Oh how the paradigm does shit!...oops forgot the f!


    Still praying for Don's good health!

  • abirke, good one. Thank you for the prayers

    Audrey xoxo

  • Hi Audrey, sorry about the fall, hope operation goes well and hubby home soon. Hope house move goes smoothly. Stressful times, so take time for you. Lots of love Nanny857. Xx

  • H Nanny, Cancelled selling the house. Fortunately the buyers were understanding. My only worry is my hubby getting through the surgery in one piece.

    Lots of love back,

    Audrey xoxo

  • Thinking of you both, Audrey. Trust all goes well.

    love and a hug, Jean x

  • Jean,,

    Surgery was successful but he failed the swallow test. Won't let him eat and he is starving, poor baby :( I feel terrible.

    Love and hug back,


  • Good news.

    Hope he is able to eat soon. That will help you both !

    love, Jean x

  • Jean, Set back today. He tried pulling his IV out last night. Doesn't know where he is and why. He is now restrained to the bed for his own safety. Stlll no food. I am loosing it.

  • So sorry about that. Hope it all improves soon.

    Love and a hug,

    Jean x

  • Jean he is now in rehab. They told me a month. He is in a lot of pain. Thank you for the love and hug, needed it,


  • Hope they can stop the pain. So sorry.

    Jean xxxx

  • Sending very large hug and lots of love


  • Heady thank you so much. I needed that.


  • Breathe, Audrey! Relax! Don is being taken care of and is safe for now. Strong enough to need restraint, he will recover! Seize the chance and get some rest! Love and hugs, ec

  • EC, they removed the restraints today. But now he has to have a swallow test tomorrow before they will release him tomorrow for rehab. Praying, praying he does.

    Love and hugs back,


  • Thinking about you today!


  • TY Cuttercat. He is doing well. Me would like to stress down, not to successfully.


  • Audrey, my prayers are with you both.

    Breathe, Christine

  • TY Christine, I am trying to breathe, now that the surgery is over.


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