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Went to doc this a.m. Dizziness abated. Gave Charles coconut water last night because I thought he was dehydrated. Seemed to help a little.

He's afraid to be home alone now and I'm looking into adult day care close to my office. I will need to get up at 5:30 a.m., get ready, get him ready, drop him off, go to work and pick him up. Like a toddler going to school but I'm no spring chicken either.

Other option is adding another worker at home. Wish me luck

And thank you everyone. Just nice to receive an email from you with support!


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  • What a nightmare! Thankfully, I have never been in this position. I take my hat off to you, it must be extremely hard.

    Sending big hug and lots of love


  • There being no suitable day care in our little city AT ALL, I finally found two aides to come to the house, one at a time, so I could keep working. I go home at noon to keep things in order. Luckily, my boss is very sympathetic, so when there are glitches, I can take care of them. Just to say I sympathize. Hang on! Love and peace, ec

  • I have one aid in the a.m., one at noon and one in the afternoon. He's alone for 3 hours. I'll keep looking and figuring it out. As I said in a past post, I'm afraid I'll be forced to retire just to take care of him. Sad for both of us.



  • It is very hard. I need to work, although sometimes I hate that he has to spend so much of his precious time waiting for me to come home. Still, when I finally got the schedule sorted I felt as if I had some kind of life again. I wish you the same.

  • I take my hat off to you Cuttercat... working and caring... I did it for a while... Very tough.

    In admiration


  • I think that the dizziness was just weather related I know that because off the heat, I can't sleep at nights so am very tired during the day. My wife is retiring in August so you expect a few more rants from me as I like my Independence.

    good luck steph

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