Sincere thanks to my extended family

Your kind and comforting words have meant so much to me over these past few days. You're just like family to me. As I prepare to head to the funeral home, I thought I would share with you a link to the funeral home's website that has the obituary information for my wife, along with lots of family photos.

I pray there will be a cure to this awful disease soon. I plan to devote even more energy than ever before in helping conquer this disease and helping other families who are fighting this disease. I plan to continue to serve on committees at and continue leading the atypical Parkinson's support group, here in Louisville, KY. And I plan to continue to monitor your posts and try to provide encouragement and advice whenever possible.

Philippines 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

Love and Hugs to all of you!


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  • My heart goes out to you and your family ketchupman!

    And I totally admire your commitment and sheer determination!!

    Sending you as much love and hugs as is humanly possible


  • What a beautiful woman your sweetheart was Ketchupman.

    He will give you the strength to carry on.

    With my love and prayers,

    Nanna B


  • Dear Daniel aka 'Ketchupman' ,

    Heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. Through all of your efforts as Kim's caregiver which you so thoughtfully relayed on the PSP Health Unlocked site, Kim's and your experiences brought much needed and appreciated input , ideas, interventions, and solutions . Kim enabled you to help us all. In addition to the caring and wonderful person that Kim seems to be, her legacy has to include inspiring others, incredible bravery, and a personification of some of the best qualities that human beings can embody. We have had glimpses of Kim's and your responses to the complex, scary, horrendous , and heartbreaking aspects of an illness yet to be vanquished . Due in great part to the efforts of courageous people like Kim and yourself I believe that treatments, a cure, and even prevention can be discovered ! Many thanks go out to you and Kim and please take the time to rest and regenerate in the weeks ahead.

    Sending appreciation and love, Elise

  • Dear Ketch have just been looking at the wonderful photos Kim was a beautiful lady and it looked like she lived life to the full and had great times with much happiness for this you must be thankful such a terrible shame she got hit with PSP . My thoughts are with you xxx

  • Beautiful pictures of a lovely woman and her happy family. I looked at them all. Thanks for sharing. They show so many wonderful joyful memories. I wish for you all the comfort they can bring, Dan

  • Lovely photos Dan! Life may have taken Kim away from you, but nobody can take the memories. Treasure them!

    Sending big hug and lots of love


  • Dan lovely photos she was a beautiful lady, so many memories for you all, thinking of you on Tuesday may Kim rest in peace she is away from this terrible illness, please keep posting sending you a big hug Yvonne x

  • Ketchupman

    I went through your photos following the link.

    What a life you folk had.

    You both look to be wonderful people.

    I cannot begin to understand the great loss.

    Deep, deep condolences.



  • great = greatness of your loss.

    Sorry this was hard to type - choked up here.

  • Dear Dan, Thank you for sharing the link of such lovely photos of your beautiful wife and active lady by the looks of it. Will keep you and extended family in my prayers, God bless. Nanny857

  • She was so beautiful, so young . Thinking of you all x

  • Dan Beautiful memories they really emphasis how terrible PSP is in stealing our loved ones. Thanks for sharing and giving me an idea.

    Best wishes and good luck with your plans.


  • Dear Dan - I am so sorry for your loss (only just read your posts of the past few days, I was in a non-communicating mood). What a struggle. So much sadness. But then I come here and look at the pictures you so kindly shared: she was such a fun-loving, caring woman, so young still, gorgeous blue eyes! Great memories of everything you did together, the kids, the grandkids. So much love. And now I am even more sorry and sad there won't be any more memories.

    Sending you a big virtual hug and much strength to get through the following weeks - but then you lived through seven years of PSP, you have been superman - get some rest and look after yourself.

    Lieve x

  • Hi Lieve, are you OK? Anything we can help with? You know this is the place for ranting and raving! But yes, we all get times, when we are past putting into words how we feel, probably the fear of what might come out! I can guarantee you are NOT feeling anything, that the rest of us haven't felt, at one time or another.

    Sending big hug and lots of love


  • So sorry for your loss. I think of the bible verse you used often,

    It helps me keep going good luck with your w queer for a cure. I hope they find one soon.

  • Thank you for sharing your memories. What a lovely smile she had. She shone with happiness and you will have that to treasure.

    love and hugs, Jean x

  • So sorry for your loss, I do not know what to say no one in my life has ever died I know when its my Aunt Bevs time ill be beside myself because I love her so much. I wish I had the words that would make things better but I do not You are in my prayers.

    Hugs Kryste

  • Beautiful photographs, beautiful memories. Evidence of a life full of joy. sending you love x

  • Dearest Ketchupman,

    All my prayers for you and your family. If I ever get back to Bedford, IN, I'll stop by to see you on the way.

    My husband asked me why I had tears in my eyes when I read your post and I told him. He was said and sends his condolences. Of course via sign language.


  • Dear sir - Having been there myself a few months ago, I can only wish peace and ease for your wife and for yourself - for departed ones, Muslims say "To Him we belong and to Him shall we return"

  • Hi Dan, wonderful pictures and memories. They will help you to carry on. All the best, love Maddy.

  • Xxx

  • I thank you for sharing those lovely pictures of your family. I hope the future will eventually bring peace and comfort.

  • What lovely pictures xx

  • K, Daniel, I did not know-internet has been down. I am so sorry. The pictures were amazing! My favorite is the Wedding hug shot where she is holding the marriage licence and just glowing. She was so full of life and way too young. It does not make any kind of sense. Thank you for sharing your memories with us! She is at peace now. Just remember, NOT GONE JUST GONE ON AHEAD. May you be kind to yourself in the coming days ahead and know, really know, that you took such good care of your bride and you have been a blessing to all of us here on this site.

    Love, peace and heartfelt sympathy,

    Jayne GC

  • My deepest condolences at this difficult time. You yourself gave me lots of hope when I was going through this and offer you love, peace and May Our Lord give you the strength and courage to move on. May her soul rest in peace

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