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I know my daughter in law michelle [flutterbyes] has let you know Geoff has passed away she has been a star as has the whole family I feel so empty we would have been married 56 years next month even at the end his eyes followed me round the room I knew how much I was loved I would have followed him to the end of the world he was as I said my hero a proud man called a spade a spade was true and loyal to his family and friends he suffered for over 4 years with this awful disease in the end he just gave up I will always be proud of what he has done in his life but selfishly I wish he was still here I will stay with this site because it has helped so much particular thanks to kevin without his advice I would not have achieved what we did he can play it down all he wants but I know in my heart this is the truth we will be arranging geoffs funeral today as a family so a tough day ahead love to you all doreen

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Dear Doreen, so sorry that you have to report that you have lost your soulmate, I too lost mine two weeks ago and it still hasn't sunk in. Ben suffered for three and a half years and I'm glad for him that that suffering didn't drag on and on. He too was stoic and brave to the end, his sense of humour and the naughty twinkle in his eye remained with him until the last few days. I feel from your post that you had a similar experience with Geoff, it's amazing that they were able to be that cheerful despite the ravages of PSP, not sure I would have been able to do that.

Sending you a big hug and let you know that we are here for you.

Love Kate xxx

He will never leave you, be kind to yourself for a while

Grief is a painful process but surround yourself with love

Julie xx

Sending very big hug and much love Doreen. You are right, without Kevin's much needed help and advice, lots on here would be floundering.

Look after yourself. We are still all here for you.

Lots of love


Oh, Doreen

I'm so sorry this time has come for you.

Your fight to get the best for Geoff was epic.

I wish you healing and that Geoff's love burns in your heart forever.




Thinking of you at this difficult time. I found the funeral a very supportive experience. So much love.

Big hug from Jean xx

A heartbreaking time to go through. I lost my hubby nearly five months ago and a day doesn’t go by without him being in my thoughts. I miss him so much and would wish him back in a heartbeat but without that dreadful illness called PSP. Like you I cared for my superman at home for four years and to watch such deterioration rips your heart apart. My thoughts are with you. Take care. Love Jxx

My sincere condolence for your loss. Take your time in the grieving process. Look after yourself. xx

As someone else has said above,he will never leave you.aThere will be times in the days to come that you will feel his presence with you and will feel comforted by it.That bond that you had with him will never be broken! Janet

Hi Doreen, so sorry for your loss. The horrible PSP has lost its grip on him and he is in a happy pain free place. May he rest in peace. He will always be with you. Give yourself some of the love and care you gave to your soul mate and look after yourself. Sending big hugs to you. May God give you the strength you need in the coming days.

Esther(Teeker xxxx

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