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On Nov. 16th

My husband died last week after a 10 year battle with PSP. It is bittersweet to say good bye to a handsome gentle kind man , my mate of 46 years. He is in Heaven no longer suffering, no doubt sitting at the feet of Jesus. I have found this site to be very informative in helping us walk this long journey with this horrible disease managing medications and different symptoms. Thank you all for your stories --a wealth of information and made us feel we weren't alone in our suffering. His funeral was a celebration of his life and I found that so comforting to remember him as he was before the disease. You tend to forget that when you are in the midst of care giving the illness. We must never give up hope for a cause and cure. I'm hoping Canada can be a little more active in this area. I will continue to follow you all on this site. It's hard to understand why different ones suffer but I do know God will walk every step with us and never leaves us alone.

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dear springm,

i am so sorry that you have lost your life partner and soulmate but happy too that he is no longer suffering - my love to you



i must agree with shasha

good that yoru dea husband si no longer suffefring from this PSP

We have a way to go yet

LOl Jil



I'm so sorry, my heartfelt thoughts are with you xxx


Sorry for your loss after such a very long battle with PSP. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.



I'm so sorry your husband is no longer with you but you know he is in a better place, free from PSP. I pray our Lord will grant you His special peace at this difficult time.

Nanna B


So sorry to hear of your loss. I'm glad you are focusing on the man he was before this disease. He must not be lost. love to you. Jean


hi iagre ewith jean above

try and focus on the man he was before PSP came ALONG TO take HIM FROM YOU

lol JIll

hugs an d xx xot u and ur family


I am so sorry for the loss of your husband I know just how you are feeling I lost my precious husband to PSP just one year ago on the 5th December, I miss him every day but like you I am so glad he is free from his suffering. It is wonderful when you are able to remember the life you shared before PSP and that you can celebrate his life. My love and prayers are with you.


Dear sprigm So sorry to hear about yr husband he is in god hand not suffering any more . I know you will suffer now because you lost him so god bless you in this difficult time Love to you


So sorry for your loss, my thoughts to you and your family. Glad you will stay on this site, will be here if you need.


Dear springm -

Thinking of you



I'm sorry for the loss of your husband, like you said he is whole again and safe in the arms of Jesus. You too are wrapped in that same love. Let your faith help you through this new journey in your life.

Lynn O


Sending you lots of love



I am so sorry to hear about your husband's death. I can't even imagine how that will feel. My husband also has PSP, 7 years now, is 72, and his father also had PSP, and died at 73, even though it isn't supposed to be hereditary. We also have been married 46 years.

I send my love to you and am thinking of you, and also of your generous post.


Costa Rica


Thank you everyone for comforting and encouraging words. There is a lot to be said for " misery likes company". We are all in this together sharing our stories but supporting each other in our struggles! Thank you all!



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