CHC Funding

So......they've turned down the appeal for my Mums funding and as I sit there with her today while she struggles to talk to me, cries because she can't see my face, as I hold her cup with a straw to help her drink, I wonder how this has happened?

My poor Dads feeling so disheartened BUT we will not give up, we will keep going & just hope that we get it next time!!

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  • Hi Kate

    How disheartening...

    I've posted these links elsewhere... Know the enemy ;)

    The decision support tool the assessor uses: (Thanks NannaB)

    Good luck

    Waiving warmly

  • Let's hope so Kate. It's so unfair.


  • I can't believe it, these people are not human. It is hard enough getting through the day without having to appeal, keep on keeping on I'm sure you'll get it in the end.

    Love Kate xx

  • Oh Katie I am so sorry felt sure you should get it this time , so unfair xxxxx

  • So unfair. Words fail me.

    Love, Jean x

  • Oh Kate, I am really glad you are there, this weekend. Give your Dad a big hug from me. Life is soooo unfair at times. Hopefully another assessment will get the right result next time.

    Lots of love


  • Oh Kate and George, I'm so sorry you dint get it, we are waiting for a result at the moment and I've got a feeling we won't get it either. It makes me so mad, what do these decision makers want from us, not many of them would cope with PSP so I'm sure so they would be bound to get CHC!😡

    Sending you all a big

  • Yes , Please do!!!! talk to Georgepa...(.and the rest of your British brothers and sisters) about patience and forging through....Here in the US they denied me . Sad and confused I just thought thats the end.....then my son got in the action and they actually paid us 2 years of "back pay " thank God for that, because we had drs bills to pay that were not yet covered by medicaide....keep forging on.....


  • WHAT - I can't believe it!! How can they not see that it is absolutely justified and needed. I am so sorry for your dad and mum and you. There is no justice. Sending you all our very best wishes.

    Perhaps you should all go for a country 'get away from it all' outing today as you are there to help - perhaps the middle of Dartmoor would be good and then you can all scream as loud as you like. On second thoughts it might be a bit difficult to get the wheelchair there!

    Vicki xxx

  • Kate . We have had CHC for tree months now but it took us two years before it went through . No back pay as such .

    The first time they assessed him for half and half , I still had to pay social services . The second time the district nurses pushed for it again .

    We had a different T woman from CHC who was much more sympathetic.

    You will know about all the tick boxes I am sure . The one they . wouodnt agree on the first time was unpredictable. . They told me because I said it was unpredictable IT WASNT !!! What was that all about ,

    Mind is use to shot myself in the foot . I found it difficult to admit how bad John was and how difficult I found things l

    Although I have carers I still did everything for him . Not being incontinent , he does have his moments of course but can make me aware he needs hoistin on to the commode . John is hoisted at all times with ceiling house ,

    Very difficult to feed and give drink to . Drools constantly and can't lift his head up or open his eyes. .

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