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Hi all the time has come for my residents transition to a nursing home. A bed had become available at a nursing home which the family wanted their resident to go into.

It was a very emotional time yesterday all the relatives and staff and residents were all very tearful when the time came for him to leave.

We wished them all the best and asked if they would keep in touch as they were all part of our family.

The relatives managed to get a local nursing home in the area and they assured us they would keep up posted.

It's been another learning experience for us all and I am sure PSP is more understood by a lot more people now because of our lovely resident we had living with us.

I hope and pray that the care given to our resident is what he deserves as we can honestly say we gave it all we could to make sure he was treated with compassion kindness respect and dignity which is what anyone should be treated with no matter what.

Take care all and I will keep you updated when we here any news from the family

Godbless you all

Jane X

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  • If I ever need a care home, I hope I find one with staff who care as much as you do. I'm sure you have helped the whole family by your consideration and kindness. 🏅 Please accept my professional carer of the year award.


  • Hi NannaB

    Thanks for that my philosophy is treat people how you want to be treated yourself and you won't go far wrong and that's passed onto my whole team and it does seem to work

    Take care and Godbless

    Jane Rosemary Lodge Care Home


  • Thank you NannaB

    What goes around comes around


    Jane xxx

  • How lovely, I too hope that if the day ever comes I will find somewhere for Keith with people like yourself who really do care! It must have helped the family no end I'm sure!

    Keep us up to date with how he's doing

    Love and hugs....Pat xx

  • Hi Pat

    Thanks for that the family smothered the home with flowers and a gift from their relative was given to every member of my staff as a thank you gesture which was gratefully received by all not that anything was expected but it was so thoughtful of the family to do something like that really does make us realise why we do what we do because we really do care

    Take care Godbless and I will try and keep you updated

    Jane X

    Rosemary Lodge Residential

    Care Home


  • Will try my very best

    Jane xxx

  • What a wonderful and thoughtful person you are to take time for your patient, their family and certainly by taking time for us at this post. If a nursing home ever becomes a reality , I hope we find one with a staff as lovely and kind as you.

    Thank you for giving this post some hope


  • Thank you for your kind words

    I must make it clear to you though that we are just a "RESIDENTIAL" home hence the reason why he moved onto a "NURSING" home although our staff are trained in end of life care the relatives wanted their relative where full time nurses are on hand 24 hrs a day where as we have to call them in from the community.

    Just wanted you to know the difference for future reference

    Take care Godbless


    Rosemary Lodge Residential Home

    Lichfield Staffs

  • Thanks for your lovely posts. It is certainly reassuring to know that there are homes out there as caring as yours. I hope we will be able to find one when we need it.


  • Hi Vicky

    Thanks for that I am sure you will find one always visit unannounced and talk to the manager staff and residents and you will hopefully be able to sum it up yourself also read the latest CQC reports although sometimes requires improvements may only be minor things mainly paperwork but check out yourself and ask questions

    Take care Godbless

    Jane x

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