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Well it came through the post this morning - they rejected our appeal on the grounds that V's needs were not medical needs but social care needs and therefore did not qualify for CHC funding .However they recognised things might have changed by now ( just a little! ) so suggested we should have another assessment - back to square one . A little disheartened this morning especially as V had one of her more active nights (10 night calls ) . Hey ho life is a ball of fun isn't it .

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  • Not medical needs. That's very disappointing. Are they blind? I"m very sorry to heard that, but don't give up. When you've had some sleep!

  • It's lottery!

    When you have your assessment try adding, "because of the illness to a lot of your answers."

    Also think this way:

    My partner needs assistance to bathe and dress = Social Need

    My partner is at risk of falling when he is getting out of bed and needs nursing assistance to manage that risk. Also nursing assistance to bathe as he becomes difficult with me. = Health Need.

    No, I don't get it either.

    This looks helpful:

    And this is the 'Rule Book'

    Remember - If you do get it in the end they need to reimburse your caring costs from 28 days after you applied until the time the money starts.

    Good luck.

  • I am now reading the Regulations which govern CHC - I will come back if I find anything useful.

  • I downloaded the CHC "tool box" for professionals when we applied so knew what they were looking for. Safety is a big thing so emphasised all the times C was in danger. They asked, how often he falls. I replied, " Wrong question. It should be how many times would he have fallen if I wasn't there to stop him falling? The answer would be at least a dozen times each day.

    It is a lottery and shouldn't be.


  • This an example of their logic - under the unpredictable category they said that although we couldnt predict when V was going to have a fall the fact that we knew it was likely meant her behaviour was predictable and therefore with proper supervision falls could be prevented.There's lots more like that .

  • This reminds me of when my dad was trying to claim something. He told the GP he knew why he was having trouble, " They know if they take a long time I'll either give up or be dead". I think he may have had a point there.


  • Hi

    Its all a little crazy isn't it.

    I can't find the toolbox. Can you post a link please?



  • Ah found it - Thanks

    For others:

  • Oh Georgepa, what can I say? Nothing to make things better. It is ridiculous. C has had it since October 2013. He was still walking, talking, not totally incontinent and had no other medical needs. It's so unfair that counties have their own way of working things out. Are you keeping written notes of how many times you get up in the night and why? I think that is one of the things that helped get it for C. I went to the GP with my note book and showed him how many times I had to get up and he prescribed sleeping pills which made very little difference. This was written down in the notes they took at the assessment.

    I'd get the reassessment ASAP but you must be very disheartened.

    So sorry!


  • We submitted all the details of night waking but unfortunately MarieCurie records only started a couple of weeks AFTER our original assessment so couldn't be counted as was of the supportive letters from doctors psychiatrist,hospice supervisor etc

  • ☹️


  • Oh George, I am sooooooo sorry! What can I say, bar get that assessment in ASAP,!!!

    Lots of love


  • Oh Yes George I am so sorry too.We are waiting for a decision but here in Somerset Mendip we do not attend the hearing,when I have asked how much longer am told I will be the first to know! it has been since March and they did say a seven week waiting list so we have done that twice over!My Dad always said to be a pessimist then you are less often disappointed, get your point Dad.

    Good luck with the new application,


  • This seems very useful - Thanks to NanaB

  • George I can't believe it, fingers crossed, get them in and lock the door, make them stay the night x

  • Speechless. Its like Kafka

    Wish I could say something useful but I am so sorry !!

    Love and hugs, Jean x

  • Have read the stuff through thoroughly now .It all boils down to the "nature intensity complexity and unpredictablity" areas and how these impacted on her care needs .What they are saying is that basically her care needs do not require any specialist care ie nursing care and can be met by agency domicillary staff .So the best thing I can do is not maintain the quality of herskin let her get bed sores and then call in the district nurse .Also not apply suppositories when she is constipated but scream for district nurse and definitely not control her diet and fluids so she can choke and have respiratory problems and not do all the other hundred and one things I try to do to keep her as healthy as possible through this awful illness .What do you think?

  • Certainly you HAVE to get the DN's more involved!

    Lots of love


  • Unfortunately I was brought up on the moralistic story of The Little Red Hen which basically says if you want a job done well do it yourself.Its deep in my psyche . What I should do is play the "hopeless" male card - throw my hands in the air and say I can't do any of this nursing stuff - give me a fuse to mend and I am fine so I have been bitten in the bum by my own philosophy !

  • No, what you should be saying is how skilled a nurse you have become and why does the NHS spend millions, training DN's when they expect the rellies to do the hard work!!!

    Lots of love


  • I did actually say that to them and quoted a CHC funding precedent which went to court and the Judge ruled that Mrs X although not a nurse was fulfilling many of the roles a nurse would be asked to fill and awarded her the funding .Don't suppose I could wear a nurses uniform - black stockings and a little starched hat could I ? Quite fancy it !

  • You do realise that is a fantasy nurses uniform !!!!

  • absolutely!!!

  • You would look fabulous!!!

    Lots of love


  • Its dawning on me that, as the cuts bite, we are punished for our success as carers. Do we have to neglect them ?

  • It's beginning to look that way!!!

    Lots of love


  • Yes I have been thinking that for a long time. The more successful we are at preventing crises (both for our loved ones and also for our own mental state) the less likely we are to get help. It is an Alice in Wonderland system.


  • George I am so sorry. It is mad and so unfair. I can't believe they expect you to go through another appeal and assessment.

    Many commiserations

    Vicki x

  • Dear Georgepa, that really sucks (sorry maybe shouldn't put it like that but I hope you know what I mean). After all the preparation and meetings and the waiting you've had to endure. Hope you put in for that reassessment and are successful. Lots of love, Nanny857 xx

  • I worked as a Manager in Financial Assessments in one of our NI Health Trusts for 13 years. (ie Assessing a resident's financial contribution towards the cost of their care in residential/nursing homes). In all that time we only had a few families apply for CHC but not one was successful, the social work department informed them their needs were Social not Health!! So I won't be holding my breath if I ever need to apply for it, however I will be looking up that link Kevin.

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