Well, we have started down this route. The Hospice community nurse, said it was time we tried and she would contact the district nurse. The same one that last time they referred me to her, got quite stroppy, because she said, unless he had an open sore, then they were only there for end of life care! Nice lady!

Anyway, got a call this morning, says we had been referred for a CHC assessment, could she come and see us today! 20 minutes later, there she was!

So we have had our pre-assessment and surprise, surprise we passed. So she now referring us on to whoever, for the next one! So you never know, I might actually start to get some serious help. But it really sucks. Why can they provide help, when the state is paying, but none, if you are self funding? What's the problem with my buck, surely it's the same as the government. Or is it that these companies get away with charging stupid prices, that the general public would not put up with!?????

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  • O heady I had written such a long reply and have deleted it . Google National framework for continuing health care and nursing care ,

  • Heady we have already had three assessments so far another one next week, with nurse, social worker and U.S., and then I think it goes to a panel. Good luck Heady, Yvonne xxxxx

  • Thanks Yvonne

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  • That's a shame! I think the cancel button is too close the the submit reply!!!

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  • The system is that if you don't qualify for NHS Funding i.e. CHC then the responsibility falls on your local council to provide care and that is means tested so you have to keep paying until your partner has only about Β£25000 in assets left and then they will take over . However CHC is not means tested and the NHS will give you a personal budget to spend on the care for your partner's needs which could include nursing home fees . This is obviously very expensive for the NHS and unfortunately there has been an outcry in the press over the last few days as some people have been abusing the system i.e. paying for luxury goods and holidays etc . So I expect the assessment is going to be even more rigorous than it is already .


  • Not all areas use the Personal Health Budget system yet and even if they do you can still opt for the old system of NHS paying for the care that is needed outside of hospital.

    You must stress the unpredictability of this disease and also the impulses that pose a danger to the patient ie sudden jumping up for no reason (then falling!).

    It should all be done within 6 weeks from beginning to end (in theory!) The care can be in your own home or suitable care home.

    It is well worth fighting for!

  • Gee thanks!

    Lots of loveHeady

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