I have been reading the posts for a little while but not posted before. My husband was diagnosed in March (3 years after symptoms started). My whole life has been turned upside down, moved house spent 35 years in & my garden which was my pride n joy. Worst thing just now is the coughing cannot bring catarrh up despite tablets to help. Someone suggested pineapple juice, does anyone know if this is any good?

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  • Hello Rocksbeb,

    I'm sorry you have had to join us all on this site but you will find someone somewhere always has the answer or some advice or encouragement or just a virtual hug.

    I don't know about pineapple juice helping ....but I send hugs galore and gallons of sympathy on your moving house. Because of the illness and progression we too were in this situation, having got everything in garden and house just how we wanted it after 30 years. It was devastating and having to start again and cope with being a carer is just too much to bear. Nine months in I'm feeling a little more settled but I don't have years left or stamina to get this place how I would like. And so I truly know how you feel. Best wishes xx

  • Also sorry you had to join us on this site, but it is the best site ever, it is like an extended family. We had to move also, I hated it, but love it now, just getting garden looking nice, were are you? Like gypsewoman said I have not heard about pineapple juice, George coughs a lot, someone on the site said about fizzy water, George is better drinking that. Welcome Yvonne xxxx

  • Hi, welcome to the best site on the Web! You have just joined a huge new family, that will try and help you with this evil disease.

    As to your problem. I suggest you contact your Physiotherapist and get some exercises for your husband. We had a neuro physio come today, to show the young lady, who is S's personal trainer, a load of exercises to keep his lungs clear as possible. S hasn't been able to cough properly for years.

    Lots of love


  • Hi Rocksbeb Welcome to the site! Don't know anyone who has any of the psp related illnesses who use pineapple. However I do know pineapple juice is used by opera singers, the best ones too, to clear, settle, or otherwise the throat when they have to perform daily witth colds, flu, sore throat, and that it works for them! It is very acidic so could do the clean and clear. Anything is worth a try and it is not a drug! Have more than enough of then. Hope it works!

  • Yes. Physio too! When my son was 4, he had a collapsed lung and could not cough up. Technique then was - lay patient slightly head down on 1 side. Make soft cup with hands and pat under arm down to waist and back up. Pat so you can hear a gentle 'plop' for each tap. Then sit patient up and forward with elbows on thighs and help to cough.

    Worked great on small, mobile kid. May be major challenge to adapt for our loved ones!!! Bed head down! Pillows either side to support, arm up alongside face, tap as above ( with some gentle vigour) , roll patient on back and raise bed head, etc.

    Tes, no doubt a challenge!! And no, I have no physio qualifications!!! Just what I was taught so I could help my son! Guess technique will be similar but different!!! Hope the thought helps!

  • You could also sit at a kitchen table if that's all is available to you . I have done this with my husband.the big trick is to get them to cough. Good luck

    Deidre in BC

  • Both pineapple juice and dark grape juice have been recommended by folks on this site. If you use the search function you can find lots of information on this topic. It's a very common problem. Nothing works for everyone. We've had great results with atropine under the tongue. Good luck.

  • Hi Rocksbeb. Welcome. This is indeed a great site for caregivers. Regrettably, I don't post much too, as I'm busy with work. Hubby's speech therapist suggested adding citrus juices (eg lemon) to the water that he drinks. We're trying it out. May try pineapple and dark grape juices too.

  • Welcome to the site. Yes pineapple juice is good. My husband (diagnosed with PSP in 2013) has a glass every morning. I think it does help, although he still has a lot of problems with coughing and sticky mucus.

    I know just how you feel about moving. We too had to move from our 'dream home' to a bungalow and consequently had to get rid of a lot of things that meant a lot to me. We have moved to be nearer our children but have left behind many good friends and my sister and my mum, all now 200 miles away - a big wrench.

    Hope you can get pleasure out of a new garden, even if it's just a courtyard. Try and think of it as an exciting challenge!


  • I was given the same advice and used fresh pineapple. I was told it helps to keep the mouth fresh due to certain therapeutic properties in the juice. I think it helped and if it didn't at least it wasn't an unpleasant experience. Before there was a risk of choking I would give my wife slices to suck. Best wishes, Jerry.

  • Is that 'fresh' or will a carton do?


  • I used fresh but I have no reason to think that a carton wouldn't do equally well. Try both and see what works best for you, it's one of those things that is unlikely to do any harm.

    Kind regards, Jerry.

  • Thanks Jerry - We don't need it just yet, but the day will come.

  • Yes a carton seems to work equally well. The pineapple has an enzyme in it which breaks up the sticky saliva. I also put tinned pineapple chopped up small on his breakfast cereal.


  • Thanks... It sounds so good I'll get some anyway.

  • We use a nebuliser with saline acetelcystene(Spelling?) and a cortison one in turns every 2-3 hours. Also Bisolvin-all this is to make the mucous thin and easy to cough up. Have also bought some dark grape, also supposed to help

  • Welcome... It's tough, but as folk here say you are among friends here who do understand even the darkest things... such as the anger and the exhaustion.

    So sorry to hear about your garden and home... that must have been hard too.

    Someone here said, "Enjoy the good times and save up the good memories." Or something such like... such great wisdom... I make a pint of following it... It gets me through the bad days.

    Wishing you both the best.

  • Dear Rocksbeb,

    Welcome. It's a journey and not a pleasant one.

    We use pineapple juice but liquids are his problem as well. I use the little squeeze applesauce packets (they are everywhere now) and it helps with swallowing pills.

    Keep reading, we all help each other and will help you too.


  • Rocksbeb,

    Good you are still with us! Know it's stating the obvious but make sure liquids are thickened including the pineapple juice. I get pre thickened water with lemon essence online. Also Muselex helps. Buy the children's version without any stimulants. It comes it powder form already which is good because I have to grind up all of his meds now. i have heard that grape juice works but now I am curious to try the pineapple! Also on this site someone suggested using Tagament and other otc stomach acid reducers. It seems to help for reasons unknown(to me). His neurologist suggest the Muselex. A speech and swallow therapist also told us to make sure his head is elevated in bed at all times. Hope this is helpful and keep posting.

    Best JGC

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