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PSP and pressure ulcers " bedsores"

My brother complained that he had area on his back that hurt and burned I checked him and sure enough it was a start of a bedsore, when he sleeps he can only sleep on his Bach and has been loosing weight, bedsores start at most on bony areas, people most at risk are like are loved ones beds wheelchairs, other types of medical reasons. They often develop quickly and are difficult to treat, with bowl incontinence have to be very careful as could lead to a severe bacteria infection was told they should drink plenty of water" bittersweet" and moved every two hours, oh so much to do and worry about everyday is a different problem. I will continue to check him often don't want this to get out of control.

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My mother had pressure sores and the carers washed the area everytime they came and put cream onto it also as she cannot move in bed it sorted an airflow mattress which helps to prevent this. Hope this helps


Please use an air mattress, if you don't have it already - also see if you can put a pillow below the lower leg so the heels are not pushing down - and you should change the patient's side every 2 hours (I know it's very difficult but please try as frequently as possible) - and check *everywhere* for sores, elbows, shoulder blades, lower legs - specially ankles and the buttocks area - it can be embarrassing but this area is very prone to bed sores

Please talk to a good doctor or a good nurse on nutrition since a good nutrition can also help improve bed sores


This was the reason C ended up having a PEG fitted. He was still eating, but not enough to give good nutrition or hydration. We had fixed in our mind that he wouldn't have a PEG as he didn't want to prolong life if he was deteriorating fast. But he wasn't. He was still eating and enjoying meals, was still very "fit" in other ways but then started to get bed sores even with an air mattress and special seat built into his chair. As soon as one healed after several weeks, another would come. They caused a lot of pain as he was sitting and lying on open wounds. Since having the PEG in January he hasn't had a sore and has put on weight to cover the boney areas. If he gets an infection and is really ill, tube feeding can stop so as not to prolong life but however long he has left, I know he hasn't got to suffer from sores.



Best wishes Tttp, pressure sores are not easy. Movement/changing position is the key not easy if he has stopped moving. If static you need to get reactive thick foam cushions if on a chair DN/GP/physio's can provide, if bed ridden, must be in a hospital bed with air mattress, GP/DN/OT can arrange these, even so need to move position regularly. Definite need to check all areas of patient back,bum,arms, legs, any red areas treat with medication creams if ulceration or open sores occurs get DN/GP help immediately.

Best wishes Tim

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if you are in uk get district nurses in straight away they have to do a waterlow assessment for his skin and then they can get the appropriate bed and airflow mattress within 48 hrs, if not in uk same applies but not sur haow system works

much love


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An air mattress. I s that the kind like you take camping?


Thanks everyone on the advice on bedsores, it looks much better today, my brother does not think it was a bedsore, it's not red today, but will continue to check him anyway he eats good but loosing weight and drinks plenty of water, got him a mattress and some pads for comfort for the wheelchair. Nettie


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