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Double Vision

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the advice and sharing I read each Day. Bugs has double vision. 2 operation and botox to the right eye have not worked. It was the failure of the botox which finally led to the neuro referral. The latest attempt has been botox to the left eye. It has made things slightly better but not resolved the issue. The only thing that helps her is to wear a patch over the left eye and she can then see clearly albeit with reduced peripheral vision. This is not really an issue due to the psp related reduced eye movement.

Despite what the orthoptists and the surgeon have said, Bugs is convinced that a further operation or more botox will cure all. She seems unable to understand/accept that the problem is psp.

Has anyone else experience  dv that cannot be resolved? Any tips/hints or other options?

I have written to the surgeon asking for a clear statement but they all seem very good at fence sitting.


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The double vision has been a constant issue for my guy.  No treatment was offered, just prism lenses, which don't seem to help.  He simply uses his eyes less and less, which is not a solution, just the way psp is progressing for him.  He no longer complains about the double vision except to the eye doctor. I think he is getting used to not seeing.

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Thanks, I think Bugs has had all the help available. It is a problem when they keep offering even though they seem certain it will not work. I know you have to try to keep hope alive but there reaches a point where you have to say - is it fair.

Keep smiling like in the photo. T


That's just what I have been thinking! The ophthalmologist keeps writing new lens prescriptions. I get the new set of glasses made and my guy says things are then worse rather than better.  Every single time. But he wants to go back and try again, and how can I say no to that? But it's not inexpensive, and I have to take the time from work to do all this.  I think the problem is not with the glasses, alas, but that he cannot concentrate enough to focus well, except for briefly when he is at the office, so the doctor gets an inaccurate impression of his visual acuity. And the doctor has to do something, right?


This may sound terribly goofy, but Saturday I was frustrated by my husband's double vision, which has been a continuing issue for him.    I attempted acupressure on him at TB23 (the depression at the temple at the end of each eyebrow.  I held it for about 1-2 minutes. It worked.  It lasted for a few hours, so I did it again.  It worked.  I know this may be a fluke, and temporary, but I am so pleased.  He was agreeable to try it himself if the double vision returned.  And the price it right, so it might be worth a try.    Perhaps it would work better if a trained acupuncturist were doing it.


Thanks. We will give it a try - luckily we have a good complementary therapy centre nearby. Will let you know how we get on.

Alternative medicine now seems the only hope as the surgeon has now said it is "unlikely" that they can do anything more.


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