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Tilting to the left!

My mother was diagnosed with PSP a year ago and we were told hat she is around 3 years into the disease.

She has all the typical PSP symptoms like speech slur, eye gaze,mood swings,etc

However, recently she has started to develop a pronounced tilt her balance to the left side and this has affected her walking. Her head, shoulder, entire left side tilts towards the left.

Has anyone experienced this symptom? I am not sure if this is a PSP symptom and my neurologist has very little light to throw on this symptom.

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Hi Sanjay,

Mum develops a lean from time to time and has to be supported to stay upright with various cushions. It is usually more evident when she is tired and could be either to the left or the right although it is more often to the right these days.

If you have spoken to your neurologist I assume he has ruled out other possibilities such as a stroke?



I an not a neurologist but this Parkinson ring a bel? They diagnosed Parkinson on the right side with me before I got diagnosed with PSP (have all the symptons also) and I tend always to go to the right side. You have to ask yr neurologist!


My Mum does the same thing, and she also favours her left side now, even though she's right-handed. She also tends to stand (even when supported) with all her weight on her left leg, which makes her balance even more precarious!


From what I have read on this site and from watching my husband's PSP progress it seems that leaning to one side or the other is very common. With my husband it varied from day to day but he could also go for days or weeks and not lean at all. Sitting in an armcair rather than a couch or dining chairs without arms certainly helps. He never seemed to realise that he was leaning and never tried to correct it himself.

Take care



Hello Sanjay

My late-husband Richard had PSP and as the disease progressed; say after 3 years, he also favoured his left side. When he was walking he would have a tendency to walk to the left, so with me holding his arm I was always pushing against him to keep him in a straight line. As time passed he then walked with his head looking down and always turned to the left. I tried in everyway to lift his head up so he could look ahead but he seemed to prefer to keep his head in this position.

I don't believe there is a lot that you can do. People with PSP obviously feel that this is what is best for them. In the same way as, it is difficult to convince them that they are starting to lean backwards and about to fall. Many times I raced to Richard to put my hand flat against the middle of his back to stop a fall and I tried to tell him to lean a little more forwards - but his brain would not let him accept that.

As a matter of interest, he was at first diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Two years later after a second opinion, PSP was 'suspected'. After his death some years later his brain was donated to the Brain Bank in London and it was there that PSP was in fact confirmed.




Thanks for all the comments - Helps to understand the symptoms better.

Most of her symptoms have been deterioting but last year she used to choke quite often but now over the last 6 months her choking has considerably improved. Do symptoms rerverse in PSP?

She is not on any typical allopathic drugs for PSP as we are following Ayurveda (Alternate Indian treatment) to manage her symptoms.


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