Cure for droopy eyelids

Mum has PSP. One eye seems worse than the other, she has trouble keeping the eyelid open. 5 days ago went to her specialist neurologist who suggested we give botox a try. Guess what IT WORKS. She is saying its much better. And I can actually see its improved. Now both eyes look more same and she no longer battles to keep the eyelid open. As a carer I totally recommend it to those with PSP it was covered by Medicare, she didn't pay a cent. Normally approx 1K worth apparently. And they don't even use up all the bottle. Maybe 3 small injections around eye , on lid. Doesn't hurt. Mum wants to have it on the other eyelid too now :) apparently it relaxes, makes the eyelid lazier ( as the illness, brain is telling it to close ). Give it a try !!! xxx Mia.... ( twitter: @anamumm )

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  • hi

    good news re yhour mum and hte eyeyldi problem

    i hav e psp and cannnot wear my contact snay more as my eyes keep closign

    but he neuro says i am not bad enoguh yet to have the botox

    lol JIll


  • Hi there Jill, mum wears glasses. One eyelid was more tired than the other. So she had it on one eye only. Hoping it will work for u too xx Mia ... do take care xx

  • Geoff has it regularly and it has made a big difference x

  • Thx i think we will do the same :)

  • Hi, my mum's eyes are tight shut and have been for a while. The hospital sent her glasses off to someone who put two little metal type prongs on the top of her glasses to hold her eyelids up (they look a little bit like antennas!) They worked for a while but after a bit they become uncomfortable because of them sticking in the eyelids. Worth a try though, even for just short periods of time.

  • Thx Sean, i suggested something similar and also prism glasses but mums neurologist said Botox is the way to go. Prisms cost too much plus only useful for a short time as illness progressive so will be a waste, then the framed glasses as too uncomfortable thats what he had said. so I think we are going to stick to Botox. Mums more confident too as its one issue now solved she thinks. I think we will have a dose of it every 2months. Dunno but should be good I think xx Mia

  • My late husband had Botox regularly and it did help alleviate the eye-closing, the Botox was injected just above eyebrow line. He also had lower eyelashes that turned in and rubbed on the eyeball. He had, under local anesthetic, the lower lids stitched in an outward position. It looked strange to start with but when the stitches came out there was no more rubbing.

  • Thats sounds painful but thx for the advice will look out for such issues xx sorry to hear xx

  • Thanks mamma mia I have PSP for the last one year and I am +.70. My eyes closes all the time. Some one wrote in this column that is because weak muscles. Till this date I am keeping quite.The information you have given is surely an eye opaner

  • Yes definately get botox

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