My view from the Cafe balcony

My view from the Cafe balcony

This is the view I work with from the balcony at the Cafe at Hunmanby Gap, how I love it there I have today made sure it stops in the family by giving my daughter a partnership with me and she loves it as much as me, so now I know that it will be in expert hands when I have to take a back seat and spend more of my time with Horace who at the moment is doing well, 

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  • What a glorious view.  I don't think I'd get any work done if it was mine, I'd stand and stare all day.


  • Just beautiful!


  • What a view!  Enjoy every minute of it. 


  • Chrissmitch

    Absolutely beautiful. Something about the beach just makes me RELAX! The smell, the wind, the sounds of the waves, the sunshine on my face, or a combination is just priceless. I love it! Enjoy every minute of it.


  • I love a sea view and as NannaB said i would be hard pushed to get any work done. 

    We go to a café something similar and we can sit for so long over a cup of coffee just watching the sea (north sea) we even go in the winter. Must admit we sit inside in winter but as soon as we are able we sit on the terrace overlooking the sea.

    I am glad you are able to carry on working and that your daughter has come into partnership with you (your legacy in this life) enjoy your good times.  

     Love Janexx 

  • You'd soon get used t to the view.  I did when I had a sea view after a while it becomes commonplace.





  • Know it. Its so lovely.

    What a good feeling to know links continue.

    love, Jean x

  • Chris mitch, we will visit soon one weekend. Peter.

  • very beautiful, I would just sit all day and enjoy that view xx

  • Wow, what a view, so good for soul and spirit. We managed an hour in Eastbourne on Friday, not quite the same but did us a power of good. K xx

  • Hey, Chrissmitch, just wondering how you're doing. Busy summer at the cafe? I just reread your post about making Horace laugh imagining you sitting by the dog's bowl as he eats, as he does to you, and it made me smile again, too. Anyway, it's been months since your last appearance here, and I'm hoping it's because everything is going well. Love and peace, ec

  • Sorry to say but things are very difficult at the moment, Horace had a UTI about a month ago and it literally knocked him off his feet,, I had five falls during the evening and the last one was in a position I could not get at him so had to phone rapid response, which was not very rapid, 2 hours plus, they insisted he had to be admitted to hospital so the horrors began, they kept him in bed for six days then phoned to say they were sending him home, unable to walk or stand, I found a ground floor room in a friends retirement home which is just over the road from where we live but things just seem to be going from bad to worse he has been falling constantly and looks as if he has done 10 rounds with Cassius Clay, cuts and bruises all over his body but nothing we try will keep him from trying to get up on his own, the minute he is alone up he tries to get and then down he goes, he will not give in and have a wheelchair, yes we have been very busy at the cafe but with all the worry with Horace I am just about done for myself, just cannot think how to keep him safe and happy or what to do for the best, after all this I bet you are sorry you asked how things are,

  • Not sorry I asked, but sorry for your troubles. The falling is awful. We are mostly on the other side of it now, as my guy is in the wheelchair almost all the time, although he has been wild and restless the past two days, and I'm a rag. Good about the care home so close. I envy you that. Hang on, the falling is usually a phase, although terrible while it lasts. Oddly, life for us is miles less stressful now than it was last year.

    Thanks for replying. Keep in touch, when you can. Love and peace, ec




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