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Mum has suffered watery sores eyes for a while not every day but on a bad day . In the last few days they are watering constantly. She does have eye drops but I don't think they are good enough. Does anyone have the same problem and do you have a really good medication? I would like to take her back to the DRs with a suggestion as most DRs don't know the first thing about PSP and how to help.

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  • We were told to bathe my husband's eyes in a we're mild solution of Johnson's baby shampoo with water. It worked for the red, soreness. We use eye drops for the eye watering. Good luck! X

  • Many thanks x

  • Hi C                                                                                                                                                            Try Systane Ultra eye drop , they do seem to help my father . He also suffered sore watering eyes . Also dim lighting in room . Avoid direct sun glare .                                       Best of Luck 


  • Thanks. Is that on prescription or can you buy direct from chemist?

  • OTC ! buy direct from chemist or online !! Cucumber slices also helped him a lot!

  • The surgeon at our eye hospital suggested Vaseline. He said the watering is due to less frequent / weak blinking. This means the tears are not removed in the normal way leading to watering and wiping causes the soreness.

  • Many thanks x

  • I agree with Tokki. PSP affects the ability to blink. Try different eye drops. resting used tea bags or cucumber on closed eyes can soothe too. Do not allow your loved one to be sent to the eye hospital to have tear ducts washed out.(As happened to my mum) It is extremely unpleasant, and it won't help.

  • Many thanks X

  • Johnsons baby shampoo has always worked for us! Long before my husband had CBD, he had his eyes lazered and I was really surprised when the eye doctor( forgotten what the title is) suggested using Johnsons baby shampoo to bathe his eyes with, over all the eye drops and lotions that he could have recommended!


  • Use gentle soap with a spot of baby oil and bathe .  Cold tea bag to soothe but I use a smear of Vaseline after bathing them . It's stops them getting crusty . 

  • My mum gets constant watery eyes, it is the only PSP symptom that she complains about because it is constant and pervades everything else.  She has tried Systane eye drops which did not really help.  She also tried a little tube of cream (can't remember the name) which she could only use at night because it kind of gummed up her eyes and made everything very blurry!  This did not really help her much either.  The doctor and neurologist have said there is nothing they can do - she has a very slow blink rate.  She wears dark sunglasses inside and this seems to give her some relief, also keep the room pretty dark which seems to be more comfortable for her.  The neurologist has said that some people get botox injections which are either a) very successful or b) make it worse!  There is a low success rate and botox may actually slow down the blinking rate because it "freezes" the muscles in turn worsening the problem.

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