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Mum was admitted to hospital yesterday with suspected UTI. Had two lots of antibiotics, high temp, high heart rate and has not woke up. I sat with her all day having left my young twins at home and panicking that I still have Xmas shopping to do. Trying to ensure they are not affected too much as they are too young to understand. Several different DRs have basically said that they will try more antibiotics but won’t be giving her critical care. Does this mean that this is the end and it’s time to let her go? Lying here all night not knowing what to do. I have POA, advice needed please xx

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How stressful. I'm afraid I don't know any answers, but am thinking of you as you wonder! Hoping the antibiotics will work.

Let us know how things are progressing?


My wife has had a number of UTI's and so far the antibiotics have always worked. I suspect that they say that they are not using critical care because they don't need to. Do you have POA for health and welfare? If so they should be consulting with you and keeping you informed every step of the way. Show them the POA documents and demand to be kept informed and consulted every step along the way. God bless, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Oh my goodness you poor thing. So much stress. You must be worn out.

I hope you have others supporting you.

I hope the antibiotics work for your mum.

A UTI can be so distressing.

My mum has had quite a few the last one she had was June and it really knocked her off for a few days. I spoke to her GP and INSISTED she be given a maintenance antibiotic . She just takes one before bed every night and hasn't had a UTI since . This may be something to consider for your mum when she comes through this one.

Hope everything goes well for you and your mum and that you are able to get those last few jobs done for Christmas and spend time with your children

Love Lynda 🎄

Thank you. Just with mum and they have moved her onto a ward now and they can’t do anything until tmw when all the DRs are in . So frustrating they’ve lost her bag , they said she’s not responding. Just had to tell them it’s cos she’s lost her speech she can’t talk!! Don’t they read the notes they are given. Hope they let her home before Xmas. If they can’t do anything for her surely thats the way option? X

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dollydott in reply to 17052011

It shouldn't be like this but hospitals are always worse on a weekend it's like time stops .

Glad you got some shopping done that should make things a little easier.

Hope your dear mum is out for Christmas.

Love Lynda x

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I hope so too. Thank you merry Christmas xx

Hopefully the antibiotics will work. Since you have PoA ask to be kept informed of the doctors honest opinion. Have you discussed your mom's wish in such an event, if so honor whatever she stated. Do you have another family member who can sit with her so yo can get some of your shopping done?


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Thanks for you message. I’ve managed to get some shopping done this morning so Xmas can still happen haha . I have POA so I can make decisions for her. I just want her comfortable and pain free. I feel she will be best back at the nursing home so will have to wait to speak to the consultant Monday now.

Really hope the antibiotics start to kick in, they do take a little time to start to work but then big improvements can also happen quickly, so fingers crossed for you and hope you can get her back to the nursing home soon, hospital is not where you want to be if you can help it.

My Mum had numerous recurrent UTIs and was on & off antibiotics, then put on a maintenance low dose antibiotic dose for 3 months and since then has only had one re-occurrence in 11 months.

Thinking of you and wishing you, your Mum & the twins a Happy Christmas.


I hope that things have improved and that the last lot of antibiotics have kicked in. Thinking of you lots. Big hug. AliBee xx

Hiya thanks for your message, I’m afraid mum passed at 4am this

Morning , no more suffering this horrible illness XX

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Ettavb in reply to 17052011

I’m so sorry to hear.

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to see your shocking news 💔 but understand your relief: we have all been there! (Or will be).

Sincere condolences for your huge loss.

Anne G.

Hello thank you 🙏. Think I’m still

In shock ! I feel odd and don’t teally know what to do with myself xx

That is totally to be expected. Other widows on this site told me to enjoy the shock period - it's a period where your normal emotions aren't working and you are almost being protected from them! They will come back to you. But for now, just do what you have to do. Never doubt your grief: whether you feel it or not, you are grieving - it takes many forms! Most of all take care of yourself: put yourself at the centre of your universe now. Get sleep, good nutrition, gentle exercise, and some pampering! Restore......

XXX. Anne G.

Thank you that great advice. It’s going to be 10 days until mums funeral so it’s quite a long time (busy time of year )!

Such a sad time for you

I hope your dear mum's passing was a peaceful one.

I am thinking of you

Take care

Love Lynda x

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17052011 in reply to dollydott

Thank you yes it was x

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