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Mums eyes are really sore, gp has prescribed different eye drops which don't seem to help. I am also putting her sun glasses on so things aren't so bright. The other thing is her eyes keep shutting and it sometimes takes ages for her to open them, yesterday it took almost an hr for them to open, I tried opening them for her but they were clamped shut. I've been reading about psp and eyes and it says people with psp either struggle to close their eyes or open them. I would appreciate any advice on this is it a possibility that mums eyes may shut and not open again


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  • Aww Richmond another s****y part of Psp! All I can say is my dad either struggles to keep his open or stares vacantly at the ceiling or into space, if you get me! I'll be interested to hear the other replies!! Big hugs for another day of Psp x

  • Thanks Satt mums eyes look so sore very red, when they are open the aren't fully open, my fear is them shutting and never opening again that would be awful xxx

  • Yeah I agree Richmond bloody scary!! X

  • I've just spoke to neuro enablement team and they told me it is a possibility mums eyes may shut n not open, they suggested seeing neurologist and them referring for Botox in her eye lids but no guarantee it will work, where do we draw the line n stop 😪😪😪😪

  • Aww darling difficult eh cos your mum doesn't want any intervention! Try and talk to mum n explain Botox "may" help.....x

  • Chris often has sore eyes. I smear Viscose Tears on them and it seems to soothe him and makes it easier to clean the lids. He often has his eyes closed or almost closed but, so far always manages to open them.

    Its very distressing for him and us !

    love, Jean

  • Thankyou x

  • B has one eye open, and one eye half shut or gently shut....He was very positive about these lensless frames....they actually push the lid back and open the eye....we will see if these work!


  • R1,

    there are frames that you can buy specifically for blepharospasm (had to look it up again) which is simply(?) spasm of the eyelids. I am planning on getting my husband a pair which means I do not know how well they work but at least there is something out there that may help your mum and others with this problem. Check with your ophthalmologist for guidance...infact I think I saw them offered at

    Good Luck


  • Thankyou AVB I'll check these out x

  • Richmond1....I feel for you I really do. Dreading this happening to my mum....she's so squeamish about eyes I can't imagine she'd want any intervention at all. Have eyes always been one of ur mums symptoms or is it recent? Sending you love...what else are we able to do for each other :-( X

  • Hi suziW it's only recently her eyes have been sore GP said it may be because she on medication to dry up her saliva which has caused dry eyes but they won't take her off the medication because of the risk of aspiration from her saliva xx

  • Try bathing her eyes with warm water into which you have put a drop of baby shampoo, not too much, or it stings. This is what I was told to do by the eye consultant and it helps to get rid of the grease which can build up and make the eyes red and sore. Hope it works, it does for us. All the best. X

  • Thankyou robbo, I will try this xx

  • Hi there sorry to say all part of PSP because they don't blink thieir eyes get very dry and can become sore, I use fresh eyes for my brother and he does ok as far as shutting the eyes or wide open don't think anything can be done for that, my bother has blurred vision and at times double vision. What a nightmare this PSP is.

  • Hi there my name is May and my husband suffers from PSP and this is one of the symtpoms, eye spasms . Alex has had Botox injections around his eyes which can help although not so much this time. I certainly couldn,t say if your mum will always struggle to open her eyes but I have noticed if my husband is tired then things are worse. If he has had a good nights sleep then he will be able to keep his eyes open for quite a long time. Maybe ask your Gp to refer mum to eye clinic, or as we have done try glasses fitted with Lundie Loops which help to keep her eyes open. If you need more info re Lundie Loops let me know. I would be happy to give you details. Regards May

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