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medication and herbal remedies?

Hey guys, sorry for this post, its most likely been done before loads of times

just wanted to check if my dad is on the right meds, or if there is anything he could be taking to help

at the moment he takes;

stalevo 200/50/200

amantadine 100mg

rotigotine patches 8mg

and has anyone tried any herbal remedies which may help in the slightest with any of the symptoms.

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We have not tried these herbs....What are you doing up so late....or is it...I'm trying sleepy time tea.....usually works like a charm wish I tried it at 10 pm!



dad woke up to pray and stuff, so was awake :-)


Dear Mustafa,

There is a lot of information on medication from earlier discussions on this website. You might do a search. Anything contributed by Strelley is well worth paying attention to.

My guy, who was diagnosed in 2011, has been through the usual run of prescribed medications, none of which provided any appreciable benefit. He from the start has been on a high dose of CoQ10, for the past year 2400 mgs per day, at the advice of his neurologist, who is a specialist in psp at the Lahey Clinic near Boston. I don't know whether it is working, but his progression has been relatively slow. (If you search for CoQ10 on this site you will find my earlier posts on the subject.)

Everyone with psp responds differently to medication. Some people have had good results with amantadine, selegiline, caridopa, sertraline, among others. There has been a lot of conversation about coconut oil and turmeric. Christine47 has several detailed and interesting posts of about diet and supplements.

Please be careful in your research. Everyone is so desperate for anything that could help that we are vulnerable to misguided enthusiasms, not to mention outright scams.

Best wishes, Easterncedar


Thanks. And I recently saw an article about the benefit of adding shilajit to CoQ10 to enhance its efficiency. As always, can't hurt, might help. BTW was your 2400mg of CoQ10 in ubiquinol form or ubiquinone?

Always searching for the magic bullet!



He just takes the caps that we get the best deal on at the drug store. I believe in exercise and mental stimulation, but have no hopes for that magic bullet. i do admire your persistence, Christine!


We use COQ10 along with glutathione, alpha lipoic acid and vitamin c. They are all anti Biotics but individually would leave traces of free radicals. Together they work synergistically in that the lipoic acid recycles all the free radicals left over by the others. I get mine from pureclinica on Amazon (glutathione, alpha and vit C combined) and then add coq10 separately. They also stock resveratrol and grape seed extract among others.

Check his meds to see if anything can cause magnesium deficiency. My dad has been taking omeprazole antacids that cause mag def for decades. His hypertension meds can cause mag def too. We have mag chloride flakes for the bath, mag oil for spraying on sore muscles (lower back) and ionic + capsule mag to take orally.



wow you guys have really looked deep into this, like free radicals?! and first time I'm hearing of COQ10, will look into this, thank you!


I am in NYC. My joe has CBD. Please send me any info you have on supplements and diet. Thanks!


Thank you so much EC, will go check out the previous post!


It would be interesting to see if the VA would provide CoQ10. My guy has tried it, but not in high dose. It is too expensive to try if it does not work.


I am sure it is not sufficiently proven to permit it to be covered.


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