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Hi everyone

Today we went to the clinic to c the continence nurse , hubby not really wanting this at all . So nurse and offsides talked to him reason why catheterisation is good for him . Hubby worry was because he thought he had to keep catheter in all time . Once he set his fears aside was ok to try the catheter . So he had to p in a bowl shape of a hat , then his pee was measured 150mil , then I was allowed to insert the catheter in him and he passed 450mil of urine that had been still left in the bladder , a huge amount . They supplied us with a bag of info and catheters to take home . The bag was blue in colour and had a picture of a teddy bear outline on the front , and on the back of the bag was an outline of teddys penis with a catheter inserted . Hubby proudly walked out with his bag pass all the other patients like it was Xmas !!

We then met his brother and wife for lunch spent about two half hours with them , hubby was so happy he didn't have to dash off for a pee . In fact it was close to four hrs before he went again freely without the catheter . So tomorrow if we go out for a while he has to pee naturally and measure it , then catherise measure it , write it down on a record sheet to show nurse next month , and use one before he goes to bed .

I am so pleased for him , thought it was going to b a struggle to get him to try this , but he ok with it , after reading other people posts it needed full time eventually so hubby can at least get used to them .

Plus he liked the little tickle I gave him !! Ha ha naughty girl I know

Chris 😘😘🌈🌈🌞🌞

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Hahaha naughty girl...just a little impetus or is that impenis hahaha...I am very happy that it ALL worked he really released alot more fluid when using the catheter! I bet he just felt better after a good pee like that! Well congratulations to hubby on a successful procedure.

Keep on peein' on



Hi Chris, I really hope this works for you. I think this permanent bladder problem, is one of the worst things, that and no communication. We are still trying to get S sorted out, in pads at the moment. Not bad, but he is suffering with his skin. Countenance nurse coming again soon, with yet another type of convene!!! Personally, I wish they would leave us alone, but I think S would rather have a convene than a pad! Can't blame him really!

As for naughty tickles, go for it!!!

Lots of love



So pleased there was a positive outcome. Keep tickling, he has to have a little reward for putting up with the catheter.

🐻 x


Possibly an extremely dumb question here. Doesn't that cause pain upon insertion? Of the CATHETER!:)


Hubby says a little uncomfortable no pain , but felt slight pain after first natural wee , otherwise all ok xx


Dumb question, but I will have to ask the nurse, with difference between men and women, is it more difficult to catheterise a lady?. M has made it plain she does it want one but as incontenance increases it may be necessary though pads work st present.

Best wishes Tim


From listening to nurse far easier to catherise women than man , men have a small uturn !! If that's the right word , whereas women don't have that goes straight to where it suppose to X

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Love the thought of him walking proudly with his bag !!

He might want the tickle without the catheter !!

love, Jean x

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You bet he'd like the tickle , don't we/they all xx

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My husband is waiting to have a supea-pubic catheter fitted on 2/12/15.

Would like to know if anyone with PSP have tried this ,or spoken to their Drs about this .At the moment he uses pads and convenes ,but lots of wet beds.

There is a risk of him pulling it out ,but he has a peg and mostly leaves that alone.

Any thoughts?


Hi just read your post

My hubby G is using a intermittent catheter so doesn't stay in , just empties the bladder . G not as advanced in psp as some posts I read . Each time I read one I think will this happen , will that happen .!! Tho he has more and more problem getting out of chair so much slower , and notice that he takes baby steps to do a full circle to turn around , even turning head slower ,, mouth more dribbles . I feel for you all , it's so terrible such a f!!!!!!! Horrible disease

Chris xx


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