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A little good news for a change

For all those struggling with CBD and especially those with an Alien hand.

I got fed up removing Bills hand from his neck especially as he will not let me cut his nails. He was getting sore from the constant attacks from his own hand. So, being as I love to crochet, I made him an adult equivalent of a "scratch MIT" out of double thickness baby wool with a draw string to keep it on.

Since I put it on he has sleep better and seems to be more relaxed soI thought I would share the idea. Must dash. The first MIT has gone in the wash and I am busy making the next on.

Love to you all


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Brian has got alien hand as well even though he has psp. I always put a sock on his hand at night nice pink fluffy one. One of the carers wants to put wiggly eyes on it for him. Janexx


Yes Bill has a sock on his hand at the moment as I have not yet done the washing ! K xx


Thanks! So far his hand mostly floats harmlessly in the air, but he does scratch sometimes, so I'll be keeping your helpful idea in mind. Best, ec


Good idea. carry might think of this as a contribution to the needs of those with alien hand. or maybe 5 bucks for materials and postage.....


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