Munchausen syndrome

Folks, we have either a troll or someone genuinely suffering from this syndrome on site. Take your pick, but don't waste your sympathy.

Generally this site has been remarkably free of negativity. I would hate for any of the folks who are new or who are likely to be stressed by this sort of thing to let this taint their experience. it will pass, no doubt.

Love and Peace, everyone. No exceptions. Easterncedar

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  • They were exactly my thoughts, I wasn't sure whether to believe it or not and that's why I didn't reply to the messages sent!

    I'm not normally someone who lacks trust, but something was telling me it wasn't quite right!

    I think maybe it might be the same person who caused havoc not too long ago, I hope I'm not mistaken as I would hate to genuinely upset anyone by not believing them, if they are really ill then I apologise.....

    Love Pat....xx

  • Yes, he has said it was he. I first thought ignoring him was best, but then he started hurling insults, which I can't abide. I'm just feeling concerned for all the folks who are saddened by his sorry tale. Although he insists he isn't looking for sympathy, that does seem to be the gist of all his messages, except when he gets abusive.

  • Yes I thought that, I did ask him if he posted before,mane he said yes.

    I was also concerned, especially when he got nasty, something in the back of my mind, was saying I wonder if he was messing about, if you are Tim you should be ashamed of yourself, people with PSP,mane there careers should not have to go through this, we are stressed enough, without all this. Like Pats says if you are really sick I am sorry.

    Alarm bells rung Tim, when you said certain things, if you are doing this for a joke, you are not funny. please do not Tim send me back an abusive message, just explain yourself. Yvonne

  • I think i got the abuse because i recognised the style of comments he was leaving and nicely pointed out that i remembered that he had posted on this site before. As my dad would say a lier will attack anyone who doesn't beleave there tall tale.


  • I presume you are referring to me. Don't. You aren't ill; how can you live with yourself imagining what it's actually like to be dying - you poor, half-arsed American monkey. Don't you worry, "Hun" - I have so much to attend to that this is laughably small beer so you can all go and feel terribly sorry for yourselves, despite the fact you are going to be just fine, that you are well and life carries on whatever you do. You won't hear from me again although you should; you dregs. You could come round here and kick me to pieces. I would love it. I would feel something. Talk your sickening PC talk for years; it won't protect you or those you claim to love. I don't want to believe that there are people like you in the world but apparently there are and you like to club together. Well, enjoy yourselves. Byeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • You are one sad bitter bunny and I'm sorry for your emotional pain. I hope you find your way through it and move on.

  • Tim - many of us are struggling here make make lives work against all of the odds.

    Suffering has come to us unasked for.

    I can only imagine that you too are in pain of some kind and I am sorry for that.

    Sadly I have reported your abuse of the site.

  • Munchhausen Syndrome - you can't even spell it. Try this site again when you are in the bathroom and can't get out for ten hours. You will never hear from me again and that is distinctly your loss, not mine.

  • For the 2d time sir, Good bye. If you are in pain , you need to find a professional. We are all here suffering. Yes Tim we are suffering . Watching our mates deteriorate as we sit and feed them their food because they can no longer see it or worse yet no longer have the ability to swallow....Trying to bathe them as they fall on top of us in the tub.....sitting there day after day speechless seemingly not caring who it is who does all of these things for them? I realize one of the symptoms of PSP is grumpy....and as I called you before , down right rude. Tim go away....or at least , if you choose to stay here, go another way. read your words back to you. Would you want someone to say that to you? If the answer is no (don't try to justify your words, just read them.) then erase and rewrite.


  • A loss I will happily live with.

    You clearly have something wrong with you but it is unlikely to be PSP, so perhaps you could look for a forum more suited to your needs – the posts on such a site, if one exists, should make interesting reading!!

    I take it ‘Munchausen’ with a double ‘h’ is from the dyslexic branch of the family – please don’t bother to reply, never hearing from you again is fine.

  • Tim you should feel totally ashamed of yourself, let's hope we don't all fall for your posts again.

  • Hi I agree with all the replies. I had already decided not to answer any of his posts anymore!

    It's very sad, but I suppose this site has been very fortunate not to have attracted more like him!!!

    Lots of love


  • Yes I spotted that too. I thought you did an excellent job in dealing with it.

    Hugs 'n' all


  • I got very suspicious when he said he was looking after himself, that's not possible and we all know that! xx

  • The trouble is if a newbie reads things like that perhaps they might think thier loved ones are not trying or being lazy. Could cause many problems.

    A few years ago the parkinsons man said with this medication and some effort from Brian he will be walking normally by Christmas (this was about the October) So of course i nagged and moaned made us both misrable. And a lot of us are guilty of comparing what our loved ones can/can't do with what someone else can/can't do


  • Yes I agree Jane, I also was concerned about newbies reading his post and getting the wrong ideas, he needs some serious help, I can't help but feel sorry for him when he needs to get a kick out of doing something so horrible!

    Pat xx

  • Agreed

    I'm new to this site which I'm utterly grateful for

    I thought after reading his comments "ooh watch out, not quite right"!!

    Let's get back to what everyone on here seems to do best, help each other and ignore any weirdos


  • Oh I am so pleased you have all sorted it out.

    G has not been well since he came out of Hospital, so have not been on the site until today.I couldn't believe what was going on, It did upset me until I read all your posts.

    Love Ellie

  • I have not been on either. I guess I missed all the muck! And I am extremely grateful to all of you who straightened things out. All of you are so wonderful.

    Thank you all!!

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