Congratulations to Hannah

Anyone who uses this site should congratulate Hannah Daykin on being selected to carry the Olympic torch in Sheffield prior to the opening of the forthcoming Olympic Games. Her dad suffers with PSP and she tirelessly promotes awareness of the illness while studying at University. This accolade is proof of the respect she commands for her fundraising efforts to find a cure for this dreadful complaint.

Well done, Hannah. Your family and friends must be so proud of you and thank you on behalf of all the "bloggers" on this site for your hard work. Best wishes to you and your family and a big hug to your dad.

God bless...................SuzieQ xx (Sue Stapenhill on FB)

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  • Congratulations Hannah....well done.....and a massive thank you from all of us!! xxxx

  • hi hannah

    yes many many thanks for all u r doign ot promote PSP

    LOL JILL :-)

  • Wow - what an honour, you must all be so proud, and you deserve this because of the hard work you put into everything. Thank you x

  • Congrats Hannah so very proud of you!

  • Wow, what an honour. Congratulations to you and well done for all of your hard work. x

  • Congratulations and a big THANK YOU Hannah for all the hard work you do to raise awareness of PSP/CBD. Thanks also to SuzieQ for letting us know about Hannah's achievement on being selected to carry the torch.

    Lorraine xx

  • Lovely to see that so many of you have acknowledged Hannah's hard work, but I understand that there are now two more kind people who are doing similar. I understand that there is a lady called Beccy Jones-Reading, Wolverhampton and a guy called Steven Watson also in Sheffield. Thank you to all of them for raising awareness of PSP/CBD.

    For those of you that would like to hear Hannah on the radio you can use the following link to hear what she had to say.

    I would ask anyone who is able to do so to make "anyone and everyone" become aware of this horrid illness. Hopefully by doing so, people will give generously during PSP Awareness Week in April. Proceeds will help towards finding a treatment or ultimately, a cure.

    SuzieQ xx

  • Thank you for everyones kind words!!!! xxxxxxxx

  • Many congratulations Hannah, Steven and Beccy!

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