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Blue badge application and attendance allowance

Hi all

I am currently applying for a blue badge for my mother who is diagnosed with CBD. She is finding it increasingly difficult to walk and has had a number of falls. As a family we make sure that she always has one of us with her when she walks, to help her with kerbs etc. She cannot walk far at all and I am applying for a blue badge when she is with us in the car. However the form asks for Disability Living Allowance. My mother gets Attendance Allowance at the higher rate but that is not on the form. We have not applied for DLA and I am wondering what to do? I have tried to read up on it and I don't really understand it! it looks like the Attendance Allowance has replaced DLA for over 64 year olds. My mother is 80 years old. I phoned the Blue Badge helpline and was told that the mobility element of DLA is what counts not Attendance Allowance. Can anyone help me with this?

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When we got our badge, S was not getting allowance. Unless they have changed things in the past couple of years, I just said that S had PSP and had had a stroke. His walking was fine at that time. It was just that he couldn't get into the car, without the door been wide open. My cousins husband, got the badge, just before a hip replacement. He certainly wasn't entitled to any disability allowance!

Phone the local council, they should be able to help.

Lots of love



As Heady said, unless things have changed or criteria is different for different areas, you can, or could get a blue badge on attendance allowance. My dad did.

Have you looked at (may have too many dots but the words are correct). They have a page where you can check eligibility. It asks for the post code so perhaps councils do work differently.

We were first rejected as at the time C could walk the distant quoted. I appealed and he had to go the Maidstone for an assessment. I was quite cruel and didn't help him so when they called us forward to the booth the assessment was taking place in, I didn't help him to pull the chair out and sit down. The assessor jumped up as he nearly fell backwards pulling the chair. Of course I saved him but he nearly fell walking round the chair and I stood behind the chair when he sat down with an almighty plop and nearly tipped the whole thing backwards. I told her that he could walk holding my hand but needed help getting into the car seat so in a busy car park I had to park in the "road", get out and help him out, lean him against another car while I parked. Returning he had to lean against another car while I got the car out before helping him in again. I pointed out that he was very likely to wander in front of our, or any other car while the manouver was taking place. At the end of the assessment, I again let him get up unaided. She once again gasped and jumped up. She then said she would walk with us to the lift. I asked her if this was still part of the assessment and she laughed but didn't answer so I didn't hold his hand until he fell against her.

Withing two weeks the Blue Badge came through the door.

I hope you are successful.

Nanna B

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i too have a blue badge and got it b4 i got the DLA so

there should not be a problem- i told them i have PSP and that was enough to get it through the local council

lol jill


p s i am now on ,my 2nd one which i had to pay a nominal amt.for

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When we aplied for Brians blue badge we just filled out the form sent it off and we had 5o go for an assessment. That was fun outside the assessment centre all the parking spaces were for blue badge holders.... so of course we parked down the road. After the interview she walked us back to the car half way there she had to help hold him up because his legs had given up and we had to sit him on his walker. Yes he got blue badge and he was not claiming anything like attendance allowance. Janexx

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Thank you all I am so reassured by your replies...I am sending off the application form tomorrow with the Attendance Allowance higher level confirmation. I need a colour passport photo which needs to be of a certain size. I also need to find the original neurologists letter from 3 years ago that my Mother has a CBD diagnosis. This is all such a major hassle along with coping with the trauma of this dreadful illness. Why can't it be an automatic trigger with this diagnosis that you get the blue badge? Grrr!!!!

I have just filled in the Power of Attorney forms online for health...this is the next thing...


While getting the Power of Attorney for health and care get the POA for finances if you have not already got it getting both at same time saves on fees and lawyers bills. Blue badge application depends on local authority you need to get her social worker to help. If she has not got a social worker contact local social services who will be able to assist with adaptions to help around the house. When you get the neurologists letter try contacting local District Nurses for a CHC, continuing health care, assessment, do not hold breath about getting it but will put her on their radar. Forget DLA or PIP as it is now, only given to those under 65 replaced by Attendance Allowance for those who first claim after 65. But if you are doing her care you will be eligible for CA Carers Allowance, get help from CAB or local Money Advice Centre on claiming. But remember if you get CA it is taxed. I agree with nannab, heady and jzygirl's comments. Good luck and best wishes Tim


I don't think it is dependent on which allowance you get. As I understand it it is only on whether you can walk the required distance or not. Disability Living Allowance is only for those who are under normal pensionable age. The mobility element of DLA is used to qualify for the motability scheme whereby you can get help with obtaining a wheelchair accessible vehicle. It seems harsh to us (because we have got to the stage where we need such a vehicle) that you are not eligible for the scheme if you get Attendance Allowance as our need is just as acute.

Of course, it is not until you really need things and start looking into the qualifying criteria that you realise how complicated and difficult it is to get any of these things. You should be fine with your Blue Badge though.



I would put " not applicable". My mother and my husband have AAllowance only ,as they are over 60. If your mother cannot walk unattended for fear of falls etc. she should get a badge. My husband, (PSP/ Parkinson's) was refused at first. I bombarded them with

doctors notes, scans etc and we finally got one, and an apology!

Keep trying and good luck! X


What is a blue badge?????


A badge that you put on the dashboard which allows you to park in a disabled bay...


I have just submitted an application for a Blue Badge at our local council office. I receive Attendance Allowance - Have physio on a regular basis, (Hydrotherapy) see a specialist for Osteo-Arthritis (Hips & knees) (ankles) Advanced Spondylitis. Raynaud's Syndrome. I have trouble walking and getting dressed, getting in or out of the car (need car door wide open) getting in or out of the bath etc.. Anyhow, took all the relevant evidence to the receptionist and she photocopied all appointment dates with physio, appointments with Rheumatologist (Specialist) Attendance Allowance award letter etc... The receptionist checked the form; and all was filled in correctly. She then exclaimed " you probably will not be awarded a Blue Badge" I asked why? She said because you do not have enough evidence to support your application! I cannot think of any more evidence I could have submitted. My GP is supportive and assumed that the local authority would contact her? Receptionist said it's up to you to supply a letter from your GP or specialist. I exclaimed that there was no guideline anywhere on the form for walking difficulties, that required such evidence; the form only asks for permission to contact GP's or specialists; and that AA should qualify one for a Blue Badge! I'm quite annoyed at the response of the Receptionist; I'll be even more annoyed if I'm refused a badge.

I'm 68, years young next birthday, and believe that if we are not allowed to claim mobility; then AA should qualify one for A Blue Badge.

I await their decision >> in hope


I too have wondered if having the Higher rate of Attendance Allowance would qualify me for a Blue Badge


My husband had a Blue Badge and Attendance Allowance. If you have any trouble with the council ask your social worker to help. Iff you don't have one ask your local councillor for help. Nobody should have to go through so much hassle!

Marie x


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