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Carers' Allowance

hi i hope some body can help, I have a carer who does everything for me, I have top rate Attendance Allowance whilst he satisfies the working hours criteria (37??) for eligibility to claim carers' allowance He says that he wont apply for the allowance because the employment office would make him sign on . I keep telling him that unless he is actively seeking work he does not need to sign on and therefore claim the Jobseeker's allowance.

who is right please? he is not working at the moment and spends many hours attending to me He is in valuable.

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Sorry here in Canada we have to set up a personal payroll or pay cash, I don't knw the system in England...


Hi yes they can get carers allowwence and may be able to get income support if the can't look for work as would be a full time carer xx


Hi Carer's Allowance is paid to anyone who cares for someone for over 35 hrs a week. There is an income limit from work (pensions not counted) of £110pw. It may affect him if he is on ESA (employment Support Allowance) or JSA ( Jobseeker's Allowance). He can get advice on line from Citizens advice website URL below. If he wants he can arrange a check on how claiming could affect him and get a check on what is his entitlement by visiting local CAB office or Benefits Advice Shop.

Good luck Tim


Yes he can claim but it may affect your pension credit or severe disability premium if you receive them. Just google "how does carers allowance affect other benefits?"



Basically he must be earning less than £100 weekly in a salaried job and not in receipt of state pension, occ pensions do not count, he has to apply on just has to fill in your name and other bits and jobs a good one ! Has to be paid electronically every month but very straightforward. I think it is a benefit many people forget and £240 / month is not to be sniffed at.

Julie x


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