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CHC the story continues

Well my mental health advocate was off sick and I did not get the paperwork until I got to the hospital to give Bill his lunch but I did not dissolve into a pool of tears . I phoned a friend who just happened to have been a nurse to keep me company and I read the paperwork whilst I shovelled fish and chips into Bill (we carers are great at multitasking) so when the meeting started I was almost prepared. They spent ages trying to agree about Bill's levels of disability. 3 of them have not even seen Bill for 6 months or more but, as they are professionals, their opinions will outweigh mine. What do I know? I am just a carer! Whatever happens Bill will be out on Monday. No, not next Monday but a week on Monday! I have no idea when they will let me know if I have been successful but at 3: 50 on a Friday afternoon I doubt if there is anyone working on it now.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and no, I did not Blub!

Love Kathie

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I haven't even the strength to go through the medicaire papers. So I know how you feel. We went to his neuro the other day and the dr was in shock how much he has gone down.....THANKS DOC! "omg, when did you start using a walker....omg you can't even walk unassisted....omg your gaze has really diminished....Oh wow you are using knee and elbow pads, do you use them all the time.....How long has he been this way ! "OMG I need to get you a sedative?" I was really taken aback at the dr's behavior...usually he is pretty, very self controlled....maybe he was tired.

So I say all that cuz though B was not in hospital he did have to deal w the drs "assessment' and it was as if he'd never seen this patient before...really gave us hope for the future....I'm glad Bruce is prepared cuz that dr aint! Have a tear free weekend


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Well done for not blubbing but wouldn't have blamed you if you had. It's all so frustrating. I think there is a way to go yet. The panel only sit once a month in Kent so if it's the same where you are and they just miss the date you'll have quite a wait. If you get a copy of the report though, don't be afraid to add your comments if you don't agree with any of the scores.

I hope you are able to have a good weekend but I know you can't wait to get Bill home.



Well done for NOT crying. I'm know exactly how you feel about tears. But WHY?????? Why should we be ashamed of showing our feelings? Why should we NOT be upset, that our partners have this evil disease. Why shouldn't we get angry and frustrated, when these jobs worths, do sub standard work, that WE are paying for? My last rub with the authorities, I was told to phone back when I wasn't upset! Dread to think how old I will be then!!!!

Lots of love


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