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CHC the decision

We'll folks time passes and Bill is STILL in hospital. Amazingly he is still in good spirits. Today the meeting is scheduled to talk about the situation and come to some conclusion about CHC. Basically is Bill "ill" or is it merely "social care" ! What a farce! I wish they could spend a couple of weeks with him and then they would realise how ill he is. This is the man who ran a half marathon 4 years ago to raise money for charity. This is the man who was MY carer until his CBD got worse than my Parkinsons and I became his carer.

So keep fingers, toes and legs crossed for me and wish me luck. I just hope I won't blub but I probably will. I will let you know how we get on. Love Kathie

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Thinking of you.


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ME 2


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Hope all goes well for you today and you get the answers you need. take care of your self.



Katie I hope all goes well today, I think the panel need to come and stay for a few weeks, then make there decision xxxxx Yvonne


If `the panel` had to walk in your (or my) shoes for 24 hours, then they would grant CHC to us all without fail ! Try to do what we all do for months or years and then they would get the true picture.

Best of luck, hope they see sense and grant you CHC immediately.


Best of luck, hope it all sorts itself and papers tissues at the ready.


Thanks so much for all your hood wishes. It is just nice to know that someone cares.

Love Kathie


It's a joke, that we have to prove illness! Surely at the end of the day, we all need just social care! Even cancer patients, need to be fed and changed. So why is that illness, but because we have to do this for our loved ones, it's social care?????? I suppose, cancer is the magic word to open the box these days!!!!

Lots of love



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