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Turning the corner

Hi PSP sufferers and carers, well I have done my six chemo sessions and the scan looks good so now I can give more time and energy to Des.Each time I had chemo he had a serious fall twice he needed stitches once he needed staples and stitches and then he fractured the eye socket and spent two nights in hospital,so bad when you have no speech.The staff are all too busy {genuinely} to go through lots of answers and wait for the thumbs up but now hopefully he will not be so restless and so have fewer falls. It also means I can use sitters to help me go places with him instead of looking after him while I go to hospital.I have to say I have been very lucky with carers they all are caring carers and feel like family and friends.Within my lifetime so many advances treating cancer so lets hope PSP will be treatable and eventually curable.Meanwhile we live for today and snatch any pleasures we can.Love to all of you,P xxx

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Hi P, I thought I had it hard but can't imagine what you have been through. Let's hope and pray the scans continue to look good and you will soon regain full strength. Poor Des. He has been through it as well hasn't he. You are so positive and I'm sure that helps. Carry on snatching those pleasures where you can, while you can, making happy memories.

Sending you a great big hug.



hi loppylugs I am really happy for you in other words good on you mate it makes a nice change to hear something positive good luck to you matey and des take care now don't go running around the block yet a while mate will you see yer peter jones queensland australia


So pleased that your scan shows good news. And i agree he will be less anxious now that the chemo is over and done with and perhaps his falls etc will less now. It's surprising what makes the psp symptoms worse. Any upset or change of routine makes them worse. Yet they seem to to lose the ability to empathise.

Now all you have got to do is have some to enjoy outings. Have fun Janexx


Oh my, taking care of PSP and are a strong person.......I wish you well.



Pleased you are back and are on the mend -you have had a lot to contend with .

All the best Georgpa


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