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I haven't blogged in a while; A little update!

Sorry about my lack of blogging recently! I've been moving house and not had much internet access and had some re-sits to do etc.

I went home at the weekend for a family party and turned up to find Dad had had a fight with the wall...and lost!!

He fell in the middle of the night, trying to get to the toilet. Mum phoned the paramedics and they checked him all over but all he wanted to do was get back to bed so Mum said she would keep an eye on him and was happy for him to be at home.

His face is black all down one side and it's so obvious he's had a knock. I was really shocked when I saw him and even more upset; his communication is reduced to a whisper and his frustration is growing.

After falling, he's obviously going to be sore but it upsets Mum so much that she might be adding to the pain- not that she can help it, otherwise she'd just have to leave him on the floor. Which brings me onto my next part of the update!! Yesterday the carers decided to turn up at a different time therefore not getting my Dad properly sorted for bed. Mum was out at church, and came back to him on the floor, where he had been for 20 minutes. As much as the carers help & how grateful we are for them it's just so frustrating that they weren't there when maybe if they were they could have prevented it. Or maybe it's just easy to blame them.

I've sent my story to This Morning, who has passed it onto the production team who will let me know if they are interested in my story. I've told them that I want to keep on raising awareness so watch this space!!

I've also been nominated to carry the 2012 Olympic Torch for my efforts of raising awareness for PSP!! What a great way to get a wider audience for PSP!! You can share my story from this link:

Dad is deteriorating so fast now, it's scary. Doctors are still maintaining he's going to die this year. The first 6 months of the year went pretty fast. & now there's less than 6 to go. Wow.

I'm just catching up on everybodys blogs now (with a box of tissues!!) Hope you're all well. Thinking of you all.

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hi hannah,

hope your keeping well sorry to here about your dads fall i do

hope he is ok these falls tend to take a lot out of you,Good luck

with your story on this morning if you get on i will be cheering you

all the way through the program, and good luck with the torch

carrying, Dont take any notice of what doctors tell you your dad

sounds like a real fighter and im thinking of you all take care



Thanks Ray,

It really means a lot. I'll keep you posted!


hi hannah

pleasedyou r doing so mcuh for the PSP and your dad too

plz keep on the site and good luck wth the TV and the olympic torch #

love jill


Thanks Jill x


Please keep us informed of your progress with TV and Opympic torch, It is just another incedent of "your story is so much my story" my husband was hospitalized after his second fall, and sadly now needs to be in nursing home, with all the extra care in the world we would not have managed at home any longer.



I definitely will do, Kay1!

Yes; it's such an amazing thing that we can all share similarities though, even if it is rubbish!!

I hope your husband is as well as can be. And you too.x


Sorry to hear of your dads fall Hannah. Hopefully the carers will keep to their usual time now! If you need any support with your awareness raising you know we'll do whatever we can to help. Excellent news about the Olympic Torch. When do you do it?


Yes I hope so!

Oh thanks very much, I'm still waiting for an e-mail back but as soon as I know anything, I'll give you a call or something.

From now until September is the time where people can share my story through Facebook, Twitter and Email. Then November, I find out if I've made it to the final stage. Fingers crossed!


Its weird we were never given a timescale on dad - I remember one doctor saying after he had shaken off a bout of pneumonia that there was no reason he couldnt live for another 10 years and he died two months later. Its great that you are raising awareness of PSP though - I have to admit to feeling rather angry towards it since dad has gone and not wanting to have any more to do with it but I realise I cant just forget it. If I can help in any way Hannah please let me know - and give your dad a big hug xxx


Yes, I thought it was weird that we were given a timescale but I suppose they are basing it on the speed of his deterioration.

Sorry to hear about your Dad. I too feel angry and no-one can blame us! I'm raising awareness for all of us affected, that's who matters!

Thanks for your offer to help, I'll let you know!! :) x


Glad you are blogging again sorry about your dad and his must have been such a shock. Exciting news about the torch nomination though ...keep up the good work.


Hi Hannah, there's a hole in the wall in my mum's house where she fell a few years ago. Although she got stitches, we like to think that she won that one!

It's so difficult to manage the falling- even when in a wheelchair in the nursing home, she'd just decide to get up and do something and no safety belt or alarm made any difference. One of the nurses took to bringing her with him everywhere because that was the only way he could keep an eye on her properly!

Good to see you back- keep blogging for us

Fiona x


Hi Hannah,

Sorry to hear about your Dad. What a shock that must have been for you.

Well done with the awareness raising too. Hope you get selected for the torch run and that your Dad is around to know it.



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