A Snapshot

A Snapshot

Today we walked or rather pushed along our favourite path the Goatwalk which runs along side the Exe Estuary . T o Veronica's delight the curlews are back from their summer nesting grounds- the tide was out and they were feeding on the glassy mudflats with hazy sun picking out their silhouettes and their burbling cry was like music to our ears . It's easy as you walk along the path to have ones gaze always looking seawards and to miss the delights of the wall which bounds the path on the land side . It is an ancient stone wall , pitted by wind and rain and waves and full of delightful small plants ,lichen and ferns which seem to grow out of nothing . Tiny white flowers , variegated leaves and the softest mosses which invite you to touch . Halfway along is an iron gate which leads into what looks like a secret garden and one is past it almost without noticing . But today was different as underneath the trees was carpet of wild cyclamen . So we turned our backs on the sea and looked inwards .

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  • nice one georgepa hows it going matey ok I hope for you and v

    best wishes peter jones queensland australia

  • Thanks Peter- not going so well I am afraid . V gets very confused especially at nights and has just about lost all her mobility . She finds life very frustrating and lots of days a real struggle to get through for both of us . Still there are occasional moments . Are you into the World Cup Rugby- its really taken off over here and I shall certainly try to watch some of the games . Hope all is ok with you .

  • Hi George, nice that you have good paths around you, so you can take the "chariot"! We have the sea front, but not real access to the mud flats, got to go through a swing gate, which wheelchairs can't get around!

    We will be watching the Rugby, the next couple of weeks will be great. S's favourite past time! Sits up, eyes wide open, takes in every minute. So several matches a day, are going to be heaven. Let's hope England do well, getting very excited about going to the final!!!

    Lots of love


  • hi georgepa well mate im' very sorry to hear that v is not to good mate its am bugger of a thing this psp matey isn't it it just seems to go,on and on which I know is not easy for the carer matey i myself seem not bad at the moment I keep falling a lot and my voice is getting weaker and swallowing is a bit to be desired but im still very lucky I can get around its very slowly if I perservere but apart from all those mundane things im still breathing i'm not as good as I used to be but who the hell is but I expect it will catch up with me in time well George that's my whinge for today mate so see yer mate I hope v improves mate and you get some peace thanks for your answer mate

    take care peter jones queensland Australia and yes I watch rugby league over here but only on tv if I went to the match I would probably

    get caught in a scrum all the best George keep writing your bits mate its very nice see yer

  • Wild cyclamen, how lovely, as is your description of the curlews on the flats. You do live in sweet part of the world, George. Thanks again for sharing it. It really does my heart good. Peace, Easterncedar

  • ....and then what did you see......Oh do tell us your adventures within the gate ....


  • Thanks Georgepa, this has lifted my spirit. It's 4.15 am. We actually got to bed at 10.30 pm which was a bit of a miracle. 11.30 was my first trip downstairs. 5 trips later for coughing, trying to climb over side bar, more coughing, more climbing and finally a struggle to get hoisted out of bed onto commode (no result), I've made myself a mug of Horlicks so thought I'd check out the site while it cooled. I'm so glad I did. When I try to sleep I'll imagine your lovely walk, the sound of the sea and the curlews and the blanket of cyclamen....oh to be there now. Sad to say the alarm goes off in 2 hours. I hope I get some sleep before then. Horlicks time now. Have a good Sunday, both of you.


  • Sounds as if you could do with a big hug NannaB! So sending an extra large one across the ether. Please snuggle down, when Colin sleeps. The washing, ironing, cooking etc., etc., etc.,etc., etc., etc., etc., can wait, it will only need doing again tomorrow, anyway!

    I've got the first cold of the season, so feeling very sorry for myself. Just hope I don't pass it to S!!!

    Lots of love


  • Heady I replied to this yesterday but it seems to have disappeared. So sorry you have a rotten cold. I find Lemsip with brandy helps.

    I've nearly caught up with my sleep but have a sitter this afternoon so after a trip to the supermarket may go to be.

    Sending you a get rid of that cold hug.


  • Oh NannaB how I feel for you - that was me last week. V just kept getting up all night long - sometimes the commode sometimes to "put on her makeup " . We have had the community nurse and OT in and they are setting up some kind of monitoring system to see just what she is up to as you can guarantee that when you have an all night sitter she won't budge ! They are talking about cot sides etc but it is a nightmare isn't it- sleep deprivation is a killer - hope you manage to get some rest .

  • Managed to doze for an hour when the morning carer went. Would you believe C has been asleep ever since he was put in his chair at 7.30. He has sides on his bed but keeps swinging his legs over. It is against the wall so finally early this morning I turned him to face the wall and put pillows behind him to stop him rolling onto his back. I should have done that to stat with.

    It's lovely and sunny here today. I hope it is where you are so you can go for another lovely walk.


  • Beautiful description. I love old walls and gates. They look so beautiful and contain a mini-world, don't they ?

    Must get back to Yorkshire. Its on the coast, and I need that sea smell and sounds every so often. And the big skies.

    Glad you are still able to enjoy these things. It sounds hard for you now.

    Thanks for including us in these precious experiences.

    Jean x

  • Sounds like a little snapshot of paradise, hope you managed to stay in the moment and forget all of the trials of life that rule your life because of thus horrible disease.

  • Wild cyclamen have started coming through here too. I shall have to try and get a photo. But no rugby here, instead we are slwoly working our way through a box set of all Michael Palin's travel programmes. Currently in China in the Full Circle series.


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