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Proms In The Park

Proms In The Park

So, when I was growing up, each year when Last Night of the Proms was on, my Mum, Dad and I would make an evening of it, volume turned up on the television, enjoying the musical spectacular and singing along at the top of our voices (I should mention that it wasn't always a pleasurable experience as Mum is tone deaf and had an alarming ability to see a bass version of all songs!)

It became a family tradition and even when I left home, we'd still all tune in wherever we were and then phone or text when a "favourite" was coming up and inevitably Mum and I would both be crying to various renditions of Danny Boy. Lots of text whizzed backwards and forwards with "thinking of you" "this reminds me of you" "are you crying yet?" "your Dad's singing his heart out to Land of Hope & Glory"........

Its one of those very precious memories.

Last night I went to Proms in the Park, thankfully with some very lovely friends. I was apprehensive as I suddenly realised it would be the first real year that Mum might either be in bed so wouldn't see it, or not be able to grasp what was going on and even worse, not send me the texts!

I got through the first bit, what a fantastic event but the the sea shanties started and I just blubbed, I couldn't stop and Land of Hope and Glory was the undoing of me...... My friends surrounded me, hugging me and just let me cry.

I then received a text from my Mum saying that this tune reminded her of me and although I know my lovely Dad wrote it for her, it couldn't have been more wonderful. Needless to say I blubbed even more.

So, thank you Mum and Dad for creating SUCH wonderful childhood memories that I have carried through to adult life, whatever the horrible disease is doing to my poor Mum (and my Dad) it can't take away those things EVER!!!

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Kate you brought tears to my eyes, glad you got a text, and sometimes it is good to have a good cry, at least you have those wonderful memories, that this horrible illness can't take away, sending you a big hug, your mum and dad must be very proud of you. Yvonne xxxxx

Jill welcome home, hope you had a good holiday. Yvonne xxxxx


Wonderful - so glad you enjoyed it! We were watching on TV as usual and D was trying to sing along but unfortunately he can't sing any more mostly because he can't breathe and sing at the same time! We always sing along together so I can easily imagine a time in the future when I will feel just as you do.

Vicki xx


Lovely post. It is so true that these memories are so strong. We always cry a lot listening to music. Our daughter plays the violin beautifully and at family gatherings she plays Danny Boy in memory of my mother. Not a dry eye in the house !!

We watched Last Night of the proms on TV , waved our arms, sang and cried.

Lovely childhood memories are so precious. So many involve music

Love and hugs, Jean x


My guy and I both shed a tear over this sweet post. You and your father are wonderful writers, and I really appreciate all you bring to this community. I'd say your folks did a fine job with you. And that's a lovely photo of you and your friends. Thanks for sharing! Love, Easterncedar

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