After a particularly bad night 1.15 am 2.30am 2.45am 3.00 am 6.15 am 6.30 am (fall) and 6.45 (Fall) gave up and got up . Got my protesting wife ready for her day at the hospice - she didn't want to go but I warned her that wifeycide might be committed in our house if I had to look after her for the day as I was feeling a tad frazzled . Dropped her off having decided not to return home to bed and bury myself under the duvet but that I would try to blow the cobwebs away by going for a walk on the moors . I went to a favourite spot called Winsford Hill . From there , there is panoramic view across the moor to craggy Dartmoor in one direction to views of the mountains in Wales across the Bristol Channel bathed in a blue haze . Today was a good day for the views and as I got out of the car I was enveloped in the sweet aroma of heather in full flower . I can only describe it as if someone has opened a giant pot of honey and is wafting it back and forth under one's nose .All I could do was inhale great lungfulls of air and savour the sensation .

As I walked along the sheep trodden path running along side of the hill and overlooking a deep cleve, a kestrel hawk flew along the same contour just below me so I could look down on his barred back as he drifted through the air specutavely searching for his prey .I walked through great drifts of purple and mauve heather and revelled in the solitude . I was greedy I wanted to share it with no-one just gorge on it by myself and I could as the moor was a great emptiness- just me and small herd of Exmoor ponies nomadically grazing in the distance .

I sat and listened to the silence .What more could I want - a cheese and pickle roll with a home grown tomato ?- well I just happened to have one with me .


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  • Perfect! And thank you for sharing it with us after all - beautiful purple heather... I'm going to show this picture to my dad, he will love it too. xx

  • Oh, lovely lovely lovely. Thanks, as always, George. you do take me out of myself.I could see that kestrel, smell the heather and taste that pickle. Beautiful.

  • George it sounds so peaceful, what I would not give to be able to be there, just for a short while, and relax in peace and quiet, fed up with sleepless nights, washing, mopping floors in bathrooms, and being called all the time. Yvonne xxxxx

  • Oh Yvonne I know what you mean that summoning voice - it wears you into the ground doesn't it .

  • Yes George I agree.

  • Beautiful , beautiful photo, lovely description, hurry up and starting writing that book. I felt as I was there seeing it all with my own eyes.xhope you get much needed rest over the weekend.

  • It sounds and looks idyllic Georgepa, from when you dropped V off anyway. Keep a note of the time you get up in the night and why you were up. I used my night time diary when the professionals came to interview us for the CHC and think it helped me get it.

    I hope you get a better night tonight.


  • That is such a good idea NannaB. Sometimes it is hard to explain to the doctors what you are going through. Thank you

  • Thank you George for reminding me of the peace we can find. Its easy to forget these things. A perfect picture. Thank god for nature.

    I can smell the heather.

    I hope you continue to find strength in nature.

    love, Jean x

  • Sounds lovely Georgepa, a few hours away from all the stress of PSP, I could smell the heather and taste that roll!

    Hope tonight is a better one for you....

    Love and hugs....Pat xx

  • Thank you, Georgepa. That was absolutely perfect!

  • Wonderful, beautiful.

    I think I was breathing there with you, Georgepa.

    And your cheese and pickle.... I want one.

    To get out and raise your head and breathe.


  • Thank you George for the walk on the moors. Glad you enjoyed it and i am so pleased that you shared it with us. Janexx

  • Oh George, feel for you for the first part. Envy you like mad for the second!!! How I long to get out, up in to the moors and hills. Never knew this pleasure until I met S, then have spent years, tramping all around the world, barely seeing a soul! The sad thing is, spent a lot of that time, kicking and screaming, wasn't fit enough, hated heights, frightened of snakes, you name it! Oh for just five minutes now!!!!!

    Really glad you did some thing so enjoyable on your day off. Know you needed some sleep, but I sure this walk did you far more good.

    Lots of love


  • I admire your decision not to go back to bed, I'm afraid that's what I do, and I feel dreadfully guilty for "wasting" time. My parents keep telling me to go for a walk in the New Forest, as that's where we live, and I'd love to but what with my poxy neck playing up dreadfully and feeling so washed out.

    It's been lovely hear of your escape, I could happily share your roll with your as long as it didn't have cheddar in it 😉

  • Thank you for that lovely uplifting story. Why don't you send it to "Yours" magazine? They have a Carers section and I feel sure they would be interested. Also, you would be doing us all a good turn by letting people know about PSP and what a struggle it all is for both patient and carer. "Woman's hour would be interested too, I think. Please do this as your writing is so good and it certainly cheered me up on a bleak morning.

  • Right out of all the English historical novels and mysteries I read. Midwest-USA-Bookophile. Loved seeing it!

  • Thank you. It's so hard and the loss or interrupted sleep is difficult. You know you are not alone.

  • OMG, how beautiful. I am from the country in Texas, so I love times like this.

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