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My husband has been getting botox in his eyes to keep them open for at least 2 years. He does not seem to be getting much benefit for the last 6 months. He received botox 2 weeks ago and his eyes are now closing again. He told me today that he now has blurred vision. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms. Could he go blind? I would appreciate any comments

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  • Dear Putland, I'm very interested in your question and hope someone with some information replies. I had always heard that botox was a temporary solution, but have been considering asking for it for my guy, whose eyes are always falling shut without his wanting them to. Did the botox work, then, for 2 years?

    My guy has very blurry vision and has been give steroids for his dry eye, which helps him to focus a little better, One day recently he told me he had gone blind, but then amended it to say that he couldn't process in his brain what his eyes were seeing. I see that as being likely a very real and uncorrectable problem, but right now it comes and goes.

    I too would like to learn more about this and would appreciate any information from the community.

    Thanks, Easterncedar

  • For those who are interested in a scientific paper on this subject, here is the link....... signs and symptoms of progressive supranuclear palsy.



    (Hope the link works)

  • It may come up with the "abstract" first but just click on "article" or download the article as indicated.


  • What an interesting article. I read all of it! I had to look up a few words but understood most of it. It is so well written (non medical person's view, you may think otherwise). I didn't like the section about genetics though. We have 3 sons and to think any of them may go through this is not good. There is nothing at the moment to prevent it happening if it's going to so will leave that worry for the future.

  • Thank you Strelley I have been able to download the article, its very interesting.

  • Hello Putland My brother ,who has sadly died, had blurred vision for a number of years. He did not have botox ever. He could not focus clearly when I took him for little journeys in the car even though I drove as slowly as I could. He spent a lot of time manually trying to keep his eye lids open. He did not go blind but was unable to follow the television or read .

    Love pollyannajo

  • My mum has CBD and she has had blurred vision since the summer. I'm waiting for a referral to an opthamologist who has an understanding of neurological conditions but I presume it is related to the condition. Just hoping it doesn't get worse.

  • HI Putland,

    My mum also has blurred vision, her neurologist ordered bloodwork to be done at her last appointment (last week) as he thought that there may be an anti-body present that is contributing to her visual difficulties. She's getting that done today, I can keep you posted re the results if you like?


  • Hi Abbie that is very interesting because his eye specialist decided to leave longer between botox as she said he may have developed anti-bodies. I would be interested to hear the results of your Mums results. Thank you Ronnie

  • Hi

    My mum has psp and the vision was one of her first symptoms. When I visited her many years ago she would be sitting in the living room wearing dark glasses!! As the undiagnosed illness progressed she experienced very dry sore eyes and on top of this she had the droopy eyelid. We did go and see GP then eye consultant but they were against corrective eyelid surgery due to heart problems. Nobody knew at this stage that she had PSP. Other symptoms came to light, she cannot move eyes up and down, has tunnel vision, can no longer follow words on a page, cannot write anymore. The eye problems vary on a daily basis. Sometimes her eyes are wide open and bright other days she cannot open them and walk around with her carer with closed eyes. It goes on and on and if she could speak clearly she would tell me more...........

  • Hi Monkeylaura, Yes my husband also wears dark glasses all the time, but up to a few weeks ago his eyesight was ok but now he has blurred vision. Its such a horrible disease, effecting mobility, writing, speech, eyes, what next.

  • Hi Putland

    Yes it is so hard for the person to endure all these symptoms. The only thing is some of the symptoms come and go I think, so it is not permanent. Best of luck and hope.

  • My husband John has had blurred vision for about two years. He was diagnoised with Parkinsons in 2010 but last Feb a new nuerologist has said he has PSP. The symptoms, his sore eyes, double vision, soft voice all make sense . Three months ago he had botox to help keep his eyes open, but it doesn.t seem to have helped. It is very hard to watch him get weaker. We just have to take it one day at a time and try not to worry.


  • Hi Kathleen, Yes it is so hard, but we have to take one day at a time. My husbands speech is almost gone and now he has the blurred. Its amazing how everyone gets different symptoms at different times. Take care

  • Hello Putland, This site has been a godsend for me as we live in Nth Queensland, Australia and y most doctors and even neurologists don,t seem to know much about this disease. We travel to Brisbane to see our neurologist. I feel very sad this morning, as John seems to be down in the dumps.He feels useless and like he is a burden.Although since he was sixteen he has had only one leg, he has been able to work and look after the family, now he thinks he can't do anything. Maybe I will take him out for a drive.

  • hi Kathleen 52 im from Brisbane sio if you feel stuck or you just want a chat or john im usually on here at some time or other I go to greenslopes hospital to see my nuero bloke he used to be at princess alexander but he left there\\\ you have to travel far enough to see someone don't you mate anyway if you want a chat or john

    just give me a yell ok well cheer up john I know the feeling mate and you are not alone with this peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer

  • Hi Kathleen, we all have days we feel so low, its a horrible disease, but we have to take one day at a time. Its so hard I love to hear you are going for a drive. Today we took a walk on the beach and than went for a meal it makes it all worthwhile. Chin up. and take care

  • Thank you Peter,

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