Hi everyone hope you are all ok. Well my brother and his wife came for a visit, which was lovely, my brother made me cry, he said I will come and look after George and you and Janet (his wife) , can go away for a week.

How lovely was that when some of the family step up to help out, he said you look so tired, and you are working hard, he said I can remember how George was, I said I will look after him properly, which I am so sure he will. How lucky am I , we have booked it already, we are going to a 5 star hotel, in lanzarote in November , I have not told George yet, going to wait until a few weeks before I go. The children said they will come around every day, to make sure everything is ok, and to take home washing etc ......

So excited to be going away. George's mobility seems to be getting worse, we have just been allocated a social worker, so hopefully things will get moving, district nurse, assessed George for CHC so have to see what the social workers says, just hope he has read up about PSP , I have printed him out a lot about PSP , so fed up with explaing it to everyone. Got quite a few letters from the doctors as well.

George also got a letter today to go to an exercise class, we have waited since last year for this.

Yvonne xxxxxxxxx

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  • Oh Yvonne, I am so pleased you are going away and to a 5 star hotel as well. You deserve 5 star treatment. How brilliant to have your brother look after him as well. Someone who knows him and who he knows. I won't get that. Both my brothers have said they would never be able to do what I do so don't think they will be volunteering.

    It's so nice to have something to look forward to so hope everything runs smoothly with the preparations and for the holiday itself.

    Looking forward to hearing all about it.


  • Does this mean that the class will be paid for? or will you have to shell out the dough?

    Well thank God for loving family members. November in a hotel may be very restful and quiet. I don't know the location, but maybe an early snow will give the scenery a picturesque view stimulating memories of Christmas......When I was girl living in Northern California (way North,.....not San Francisco) it seemed like Thanksgiving always came with the first snow...I loved it!!!

    Oh my golly, I just google mapped it...Forget the first snow and get me my bikini...well shorts and a T-Shirt ;-)

    Wherever it is you go on holiday, remember that George is in good hands......have fun take long walks....sip Pina Coladas or soemthing and worry not for tomorrow!



  • Thank you I am so lucky to have my brother, he is so kind, when he was here for a few days he was so hands on. No the exercise classes are free xxxxxxx

  • You are lucky indeed! Abrother who will help unconditionally, and FREE exercise classes.....Yvonne, if youre not having a good day then maybe you need one more thing, a good cup of tea ...tadah!!!! It is your day, be glad and rejoice in it !!!!


  • You are so lucky having such a great brother who is willing to help. Cherish him and enjoy the holiday. Hope the DN can assess the CHC for George and you get it. Best wishes Tim

  • Thank you Tim, fingers crossed xxxx

  • Hi Yvonne, so glad your brother is able to step in. Thankfully, my daughter, S's step daughter, is also able to look after him. I have got a night off this weekend, I'm off to my sister's for the night. I long for more time, to get away to for longer, I hope that will come, but for now I am grateful for a short time off. Although I hate the thought that my enjoyment is not with S!

    Happy tonight, just got in from a night out. OK, it was only the local pub, but it's the first time for a while, that I have felt comfortable going out to eat!

    Lots of love


  • So happy for you, Yvonne!

  • Heady so happy you are getting a bit of time for yourself, wish I could pick you all up and take all you hard working careers with me Yvonne xxxxxxx

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